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TikTok’s Pet Account Turns Into a Century-old Problem

TikTok’s Pet Account Turns Into a Century-old Problem


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Many people who join TikTok are very reluctant to have a pet account. As soon as they come up, they say that I am here to make US dollars. I don’t want to make any accounts that have nothing to do with making money.

You must know that the pet account is the traffic password of TikTok. The love of foreigners for pets is like a surging river, and there is no resistance at all. 

Using Tiktok pet account to start TikTok’s traffic pool is a tried-and-true strategy.

unlocked!  TikTok's pet account turns into a century-old problem

Image credit: TikTok screenshot

Tiktok Pet Account: Category vertical

In view of the problem that many friends say that the pet account cannot be realized. 

The little madman will offer you all the Tiktok pet account secrets today.

There are many categories of TikTok accounts, and each category has a little trick to make money.

There are actually many classifications of pet numbers.

For example, a single category of dogs includes Husky, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Corgi, Sheepdog, Samoyed, Alaskan Dog, Teddy, Labrador, Chihuahua, German Black Back , Poodles, etc.

Even if it’s a pet account, the little madman demands the newbie be vertical.

If you make a husky, you’ll send one, so traffic is correct and can attract additional husky admirers.

TikTok's pet account turns into a century-old problem

Image credit: TikTok screenshot

If you post huskies for a while and corgis for a while, it’s not impossible, or the messy categories are not very good for account fans.

After a popular video appears, you can keep posting videos and use the number to support traffic. Generally, the first outbreak is a video with hundreds of thousands of views, and the general increase in fans is about a few hundred fans.

Continuing to post videos is to make the account have popular videos again, and the popular videos can continue to rush up the number of fans. After reaching 10,000 fans, there will be a certain decline.

Pet number Delivery

Many students have a misunderstanding, that is, they think that the Tiktok pet account cannot be issued. In fact, this is not the case. The little madman has a pet account with thousands of fans.

I used a mixed-cut method to edit the most popular grips in the UK market and posted it after listening to President Li’s class in the evening. I directly hung up the little yellow car, and sent two videos with a playback volume of 48.6k, and three orders were placed directly.

 TikTok's pet account turns into a century-old problem

Image credit: TikTok screenshot

Later, I edited the video of the faucet and continued to post it, and the customer placed three orders in the same order.

unlocked!  TikTok's pet account turns into a century-old problem

Image source: TikTok background screenshot

If you want to earn US dollars, you can hang it under Biostand-alone stationlink, direct stand-alone siteShip, there should be more comments in the video to guide.

unlocked!  TikTok's pet account turns into a century-old problem

Image credit: TikTok screenshot

It can be seen that it is a complete misunderstanding to say that pet numbers cannot carry goods. Although most of the people who like to like pet accounts are children with little spending power. But TikTok’s user base is very large, so even if it is flooded in, it will still catch some buyers.

Therefore, it is also possible to use the pet account to start the playback volume, start the account weight, and then transfer the video with the goods to the order. Although there is no such high-quality account as the pure pet account, but for Xiaobai, it is also a way of playing.

Of course, the traffic of the pet account is not constant. After a few days of explosion, the traffic will drop, like a little madman, the current traffic is in double digits. But this does not prevent me from continuing to place orders.

Just change a pet number and continue to send video with goods.

Realization of pet number

In addition to bringing goods, pet accounts can also apply for creator funds after breaking 10,000 fans. This is US dollars, and the little madman once made a lot of money. In short, the pet number is not a tasteless number.

First, it can increase your confidence, and the rapid burst of traffic can make you feel the sense of accomplishment of TikTok and allow you to persevere.

Second , in addition to bringing goods through TikTok stores or independent stations, it brings US dollars and pounds.

The third is to realize the US dollar through the creator fund.

Fourth , sell your account on the second-hand market, and you can also earn US dollars. The pet account of the little madman once sold for 100 US dollars, and it is still very fragrant.

soTikTok monetizationTens of thousands, do the first one. Never dislike the pet number, it is likely to become a chicken that will lay golden eggs.

recentTik TokThere is a very popular joke on it, the owner’s monthly salary is 3,000, and the dog shoots an advertisement for 30,000, and the owner lives a happy life of “gnawing the dog”.

unlocked!  TikTok's pet account turns into a century-old problem

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