Fulfillment Fee

Having a proper storage space for storing products safe and secure is one of the most important requirements for an E commerce business. Fulfillmen understands the same and offers the best organized and systematic warehouse management in China.

We have two ware houses in China, one in Huizhou (Jinze International Park, which is one the biggest logistics hub in China) and the other one in Shenzhen, one of the top most business centers of the world.

Each and every product that reaches our warehouse is handled by experienced professionals under expert supervision.

Our huge warehouses are capable of handling any amount of stock from different customers at the same time.

Every product reaching our warehouse facility is scrutinized and a thorough quality check will be done by our expert team.

We maintain a very well organized product record in which every product entering our warehouse is noted and recorded.

Every single corner of our warehouses is under CCTV surveillance so that safety and security for the goods is highly assured.

fulfillment fee