Fulfillmen always strives to provide our customers the best service available. The Fulfillmen warehouses are equipped with most advanced technology and tranied specialists to offer the best warehousing experience to our customers. Our warehouses works with our own Warehouse Management system which automates everything from inventory management to shipping and tracking of orders.

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Setup an Online Store

First and foremost thing to do when you are planning to sell online is to create your own online store which is attractive enough to fetch sales for you. Choose the best selling platform which suits your requirements.

Choose Your Products

Choosing the right product to sell decides your success in E commerce. Choose a product that is suitable for your target markets and marketing strategies. Right product to the right market with right selling strategies defines success

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Find Suppliers

Finding suppliers who sells your products is an uphill task. Once you have chosen a product to sell, it is very important to find the right supplier who could give you the products in best quality and price. Fulfillmen pocesses a dedicated team of experts who helps customers to find suppliers from all over China.

Signup in Fulfillmen

Fulfillmen offers free WMS system for customers in which the customers can manage their inventory, handle orders, tracking orders etc. That too, absolutely free of cost. Once you are ready with your website and product details, you can Sign up to Fulfillmen WMS.

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Create SKU and Barcode

Fulfilllmen always deals things professionally. Each item entering Fulfillmen warehouse will have its own unique SKU and barcode which needs to be created in the Fulfillmen system. This is done with the assistance of our dedicated customer service team.

Connect your Online Store through Fulfillmen API

Fulfillmen is already integrated to most of the Ecommerce selling platforms. We can automatically collect orders from your website,pick and pack it, ship it using the best channel and finally update the tracking number back to the website,thereby marking the orders ‘ Fulfilled ’ in the website. Fulfillmen API integration is free of cost for most of the major Ecommerce platforms.

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Store in any of Fulfillmen warehouses

Fulfillmen owns physical warehouse with 7000sqm+ space and several warehouse facilities in China allowing the customers to store their goods and focus on sales all over the world. We have no minimum volume requirements for storage. You can store as much as you want.

Start to Sell

Once your products are in Fulfillmen warehouse, we are good to go. We will be collecting orders automatically from your website regularly so that you can concentrate on your sales and nothing else to be worried about.

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Delivery to End Customer

Fulfillmen have a wide range of shipping channels to ship orders around the world. We offer Fulfillmen special lines which are faster and cheaper than any other shipping channels.Customers can choose from the list of channels in the Fulfillmen system to ship their items.

End Tracking Notifications

Once we collect and fulfill orders from the website, we will update the tracking number along with the link for tracking the order, back to the website enabling the system to sent automatic email notifications to end customers.

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