Fulfill your crowdfunding idea with Fulfillmen!

Fulfillmen specializes in handling crowdfunding fulfillment orders and backer rewards. We mainly work with two of the most well-known crowdfunding platforms companies – Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Best of all, establishing a crowdfunding fulfillment order with Fulfillmen is quite simple – once you developed your product and raised enough money for your inventory, Fulfillmen will handle the rest of the fulfillment process!

How it Works

1) Develop your product

Bring your awesome product from idea to reality!

2) Start a crowdfunding campaing on Indiegogo or Kickstarter

Let the people know what your new awesome product is!


3) Raise enough capital until you can purchase your inventory

It’s sales and marketing time! Once people invested in your product, you can finally purchase your inventory!

4) Ship your inventory to Fulfillmen

From here, Fulfillmen will take care of the rest!

5) Track your inventory with Fulfillmen’s software

Monitor your product as we safely and securely handle them for fulfillment processes.

6) Deliver your backer rewards

Let your investors know how thankful you are by shipping the product they helped build!

7) Ship your products to your customers

Finally, deliver your awesome products to your customers!

Why Start a Crowdfunding Fulfillment with Fulfillmen?

1) We work with Indiegogo and Kickstarter

Most crowdfunding projects begin at either Indiegogo and Kickstarter. If you begin your dream product there, we’ll be there too!

2) Customized shipping lines

Choose your shipping lines to avoid delays and other shipping problems as much as possible. This applies for your backers and customers.

3) Delivery Duty Paid in Advance

Depending on your import tax, we can pay your duty tax for you!

4) We offer end-to-end delivery

We deliver from supplier pick-up up to the last-mile delivery. In short, we deliver from the beginning to the very end – your happy customers!

5) We have the fastest shipping speed at the best shipping rates

Fulfillmen is partnered with different couriers from different countries. This allows us to offer you the fastest shipping speed with the best shipping rates at the same time!

6) Fulfillmen can manage export tax rebate for you

If you are not careful, you can actually pay more for tax rebates – in fact, that’s what many e-commerce entrepreneurs would eventually find out! Fulfillmen can handle your export tax rebate so that you don’t have to pay as much for these fees than you would otherwise do. Also, we offer Formal Export Customs Clearance for crowdfunding campaigns and 9610 Clearance for regular or general e-commerce orders.

Bring your dream product to reality with Fulfillmen!

If you have a vision for a new product, we hope to be a part of the vision by bringing you our best fulfillment services!