Fulfillmen always strives to give our customers the best after sales service possible. We have a team of trained specialists who are exclusively handling return orders.

Fulfillmen works according to the customer’s return policies. We will coordinate with the customer’s terms and regulations to handle return orders.

However, we do have our standard ways of handling returns.


Option 1: Set a local address may be at the city where you reside

First, you can set a local address may be at the city where you reside, so that if customers wants to return the product, they can send it to the local address and you can consolidate those returned orders in one month together and send it to Hong kong address(which we will provide you) and we will clear the items from Hong kong, once the channel has enough volume to ship it back to China. Because any item imported to China will incur import taxes, so it is not recommended to send items one by one as it will cost you more in terms of import duties. Therefore we will wait till the channel has more volume say 3000kg(doesn’t have to be your products only, all the packages together) to reduce the import duty. This is the common method we use.

Sometimes, the returns you have received in your local address may be due to small issues like issues in size, color etc, and it can be used to fulfill orders to that city where your local address is located.

Option 2: Send package directly to Hongkong

Secondly, the customer can send the package directly to Hong Kong warehouse which will be expensive than the first method.

Option 3: Customers can send the return packages directly to China

Next, the customers can send the return packages directly to China, which will incur import duty. The can send via local post to China which will take 10 to 14 working days time to reach us.

What if my customer did not accept the package?

In that cases, the channel will notify us regarding the same and we will inform you and ask you to decide on the matter. In these cases, you can opt for a change of address locally in the destination country and ask for the products to be delivered there.

For Express Channels:

if the customers did not accept the package and they send it back to us then they will charge more than double the amount of shipping cost for returning the package and the import duty also needs to be paid. This will not be worthy sometimes and many customers will ask the couriers to destroy the item, and send a new item to the customer.

For Postal Channels:

For postal channels, only import duty has to be paid and there is no charge for returning the products. But the products may take more than 2 months to get back and tracking is almost impossible.

In every case, you will have to confirm to us, when to resend the product. For eg., if you ask us to resend the item. Only after the returned item reached us then there are chances that it might take too much time. So you have to decide on this thing and should let us know.

Our return policies are simple and easy to follow for customers. We will be helping you with everything regarding returns handling and you just need to let us know the way you want us to do it.