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How does Amazon Advertising help Chinese brands connect to the rest of the world?

How does Amazon Advertising help Chinese brands connect to the rest of the world?


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The fast growth of the global e-commerce market has given Chinese brands more chances to “go global.” In this situation, more and more Chinese brands are going global and doing great things outside of China.

Anker Innovation started on Amazon and rose to the top with its expertise and play style.

Ekepu Technology, which started as an OEM, altered and hatched Waterdrop, the top US water purifier brand.

Hanwang Youji’s hand-painted board and screen brand XPP en has garnered digital art fans.

Zhiou Technology, Shangbai Global, Saiwei Times, and Karmiqi Lighting have also done great things in their own fields.

These Chinese brands that are willing to try new things are like the “sailors” of the new era of navigation. They set out to tell the world the story of Chinese brands and ride the wind and waves.

More and more Chinese brands, like these new and old sailors, are taking the chance to go abroad.

Amazon Advertising has deployed innovative advertising products, techniques, and solutions since 2017 to promote high-quality advertising in China.

Brands go overseas, which helps brands find overseas customers they want to sell to and boost sales. It can also help overseas businesses build brands and make them truly international brands.

Traffic “hurts” and training talent “hurts.”

There are always going to be thorns in the way of success. Anker Innovation, Ikepu Technology, and XPPen are making tiny improvements in overseas markets, although they’ve experienced terrible times.

In the global market, “beginning a firm” generally means figuring out how to generate traffic and become renowned among consumers.

Going global means Chinese brands must compete in many different nations and areas.

Brands and consumers may have trouble communicating with each other because of differences in how people buy things, how they live, and what the rules are.

For example, XPPen’s main audience is a small group of people who like digital art.

A brand that moves overseas must blend in with the local creative and cultural scene.

The biggest hurdle of going global is reaching additional clients.

In addition to traffic, the brand must train its personnel abroad.

Today, online information is fragmented and diversified, so customers are quickly enticed to new items.

For brands, it’s crucial to keep up with the times, study the latest marketing approaches, and apply marketing methods consumers appreciate.

Yikepu Technology has had to change the way its team works for a while because it is moving overseas. Yikepu Technology tried to keep advertising and operations separate so that it could run its business better.

Young business Xiaolu had to start immediately in advertising, but it was difficult.

This also shows that a lot of overseas brands have a hard time bringing in new people and making sure their teams are set up in the best way possible.

There are many problems, and brand breakthroughs can’t happen without exploration and experimentation. However, it’s hard for one person to figure out how to solve the problems of reaching consumers. So, brands need a “guide” who knows the brand’s pain points and knows more about how global consumers think.

Connecting the world needs touch on many levels

As for “damage” to traffic, the existing brand has already left the early stages of hard growth and management.

In the second half of a brand’s foreign migration, it must operate successfully and gain customer recognition. Because of this, brands need a wider range of delivery points.

In this way, Amazon Advertising is in a position that is unlike any other. 200 million Amazon Prime members are loyal and trust the company. 75% of people locate new products and brands on Amazon, and 69% of sellers expect Chinese brands will flourish. Amazon Advertising has played an irreplaceable “link” role by helping brands connect with customers all over the world.

Anker Innovation uses the VOC system to record and analyze Amazon Shanghai customers’ real voices to inform product development.

This system is still in use today. Brands will leverage Amazon’s keyword search, product search performance report, and search term performance report to find new opportunities and track growth. Advertising on Amazon helps them learn more about their customers and connect with them.

Amazon Advertising can help marketers reach more consumers through off-site media and platforms.

Amazon Advertising can offer a variety of advertising options for popular services like Amazon Marketplace, Twitch, Freevee (formerly IMDb TV), Alexa, Amazon Music, and third-party publishers, websites, and apps outside of Amazon. Help brands connect with their ideal customers both on and off the site.

In 2019, Ecoptech wanted to get the word out in the United States about a new way to clean water. But at that time, there weren’t any similar products on the market, so the common keyword tools didn’t help much. The team thought about how to change the strategy and decided to focus on educating users. Through Amazon’s rich goods, such display marketing, they were able to raise the brand’s voice online and let more people know how water purifiers improve life. Now, Amazon calls it “Amazon’s Choice.”

Getting people’s attention requires exact correlation

Building a brand is, of course, also a long-term process. For long-term value and user recognition, use consumer insights from thousands of people and faces. Because of this, it is also very important to use marketing tools well.

Amazon Advertising has developed new advertising techniques and product lines based on how brands and consumers’ needs change over time, from sales promotion to brand building.

“Sponsored Products” and “Sponsored Brands” raise product visibility in search results and product detail pages to boost sales.

“Sponsored Display,” “Amazon DSP,” “Streaming” and “Media Video Ads” enable brands to reach people on and off Amazon, increasing brand exposure.

Yikepu Technology leverages Amazon’s advertising products and resources to grow its Waterdrop brand.This is part of the company’s move from OEM to its own brand.

Ecoptech employed Amazon’s advertising display promotion, product promotion, and other rich products to strengthen the Waterdrop brand’s voice in 2016.

Based on years of hard work, on this year’s Prime Day, IKEPO Technology used different communication channels, such as the exclusive page of the brand flagship store, Amazon DSP and Fire tablet multimedia ads, and also worked with Internet celebrities to live-stream the product display on Amazon Live, among other things, to show how the product works to clean water. In the end, Yikepu Technology’s sales have doubled this year, and consumers have taken notice of its brand concept.

XPPen has solved the above challenges with Amazon Advertising’s novel strategy and advertising mix.

Its vice president Ma Xiaobo says the company values product functions and brand recognition.

It also creates personalized brand advertisements to improve customers’ impressions of products and brands.

XPPen customizes creative content like graphics and videos based on user preferences on multiple Amazon sites. To make the promotion more effective, they’ll target the crowd with Amazon display and video ads.

At the same time, Amazon Advertising has paid attention to how important advertising performance is for measuring brand growth. It has been releasing new solutions for association analysis and performance measurement, such as “Amazon Marketing Cloud,” “Brand Metrics,” and “Brand Metrics,” which help brands measure long-term brand engagement value through metrics of awareness and purchase intent, and evaluate drivers of business growth.

For example, Anker Innovation, which is one of the companies that best represents Chinese brands going overseas, uses tools like “brand analysis” and “brand indicators” to build brands and keeps track of both its own brand and brands that are competing with it. It can help brands find out how people search for their products and change their delivery strategies quickly.

Brands can also use free advertising tools like flagship stores, posts, and attention to create exclusive positions, make shopping experiences that are unique to the brand, and build long-term relationships with brand users in more ways. Space.

Local services must be better if teams are empowered.

Using Amazon’s powerful traffic pool and the efficient and rich promotion tools of Amazon Advertising, the “pain” of training new talent for brands can be taken care of, and the “injury” of traffic during the process of going overseas can be effectively taken care of. Empower.

On the one hand, Amazon Advertising has opened offices in 10 key cities across the country over the past few years to help local sellers and brands get services quickly. Amazon Advertising has also set up an official Amazon Advertising website, an official WeChat, Tik Tok, and Himalaya account, as well as other ways to talk to brands and sellers about the latest industry trends and information about Amazon Advertising products.

On the other hand, Amazon Advertising has also set up a three-dimensional professional training system to make sure that training is more in line with what Chinese brands actually need. Amazon Advertising’s official website, “Learning Online,” has training materials for all stages of a brand’s life cycle. At the same time, the brand side can share experiences with sellers from all over the country in the Amazon Advertising Community and ask questions or make suggestions to the Amazon Advertising team at any time. In China, Amazon Advertising has set up a “Seller Instructor Program” for training. Based on its own team of experts, the program brings in experienced seller instructors to cover offline training in different cities.

Amazon Advertising also offers brand owners customized services that are made just for them. Based on the analysis and diagnosis of brand advertising accounts, it helps brands better understand the language and cultural characteristics of different sites, user search habits, category placement trends, etc., and gives relevant insights and insights. Advice on how to do advertising.

It is known that in order for overseas brands like Anker Innovation, Ikepu Technology, XPPen, etc. to run smoothly on a daily basis, they need to stay in close contact with the Amazon advertising team and log in to “Learning Online” on a regular basis to learn about real-time dynamics and operational skills. Indispensable matter.

In the second season of “The Sailor Project,” each of these special studies was recorded individually. The “Sailor Project” is also a new way for Amazon Advertising to help brands get started. Through the real growth stories of brands in different categories, sizes, and stages of development, as well as the “Sailor Observation Room” and “Sailor Self-study Room,” the highlights of the program are analyzed in depth, and the strategy for going overseas is shared, so that a large number of overseas brands can use it as a landing point reference.

From the East Eighth District, ships set sail for the rest of the world. With the help of Amazon Advertising, the gap between “sailors” and consumers around the world has gradually shrunk. The journey to the sea goes on, and these brands will continue to show the world the story of Chinese brands through the advanced technology and unique ideas in their products.

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