Customize Your Package

Don’t just deliver a dull brown package. Repack and customize your package with the help of creative and hardworking staff of Fulfillmen!

Here are the benefits of repacking your package:

Repacking makes your package more presentable

Repacking makes your package more presentable because it has design and, if you want, you can even include things like coupon, brochure or leaflet on the package to improve customer relations or as a way of upselling your products.

Repacking represents your brand

You can take the opportunity of representing your brand by repacking your package. Instead of delivering a dull brown package, deliver a package that contains your logo and possibly a color of the package that resonates your brand.

Repacking can boost your sales

Because a beautiful package is simply good to the eyes and, if done properly, can enhance your branding, repacking can boost your e-commerce sales and profits.

How? Two ways: you can upsell through brochures or leaflets, and perhaps, the customer would want to buy again from you, knowing that you truly care for them.

Yes, repacking can show to your customer how much you value them, so they will probably buy from you again.

Repack With Fulfillmen

So, don’t settle for dull brown packages. Enhance your brand, develop better customer relationship and increase e-commerce sales and profits by simply repacking your packages!

Here at Fulfillmen, we offer customized packaging or repacking services. Depending on your needs, we can:

Design your package
Resize your package
Add things like a coupon, leaflet, brochure, message, etc.
DIY packaging

Kitting Service from China

Fulfillmen offers kitting services as part of our repacking services, too.

If you observe that a customer orders the same set of products almost every time, then our China kitting services will be very helpful for you.

We will assemble all of the products ahead of time in one set so that when your customer orders again from your e-commerce store, they are all set and ready for delivery!

However, your customers can be unpredictable at what they’ll buy, so kitting services can mostly be used if you see a set pattern for a particular customer. If you need help, Fulfillmen can assist you in the matter!

Get our Repacking Services Now!

When you have a beautifully-packed package, this can help boost your e-commerce sales and help your business become more profitable! So, repack your package with Fulfillmen and grow your brand and your e-commerce business!

If you have custom packaging request, you can inform your Account Manager and he/she will gladly help you in the matter! We also have pick-and-pack services and handling services.


Use Custom Packaging to Grow Your E-Commerce Business

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