Storage & Warehousing

Warehousing is important in the fulfillment process because this is where your products are stored if there are no orders or if they are pending for delivery.

But warehousing is not only about having a warehouse to store your products to. It’s also important to maintain the cleanliness of the warehouse and the team working on the warehouse should have expertise not only in taking care of your products but also when it’s time for them to be shipped – you don’t want them to make mistakes and deliver your product to the wrong address!

This is where Fulfillmen’s warehousing services comes in: we make sure that our warehouse is clean, the product is maintained and taken care of the highest standard and our team are knowledgeable in the ins-and-outs of the warehousing processes.

Benefits of Fulfillmen’s Warehousing

1) We Properly Keep Your Products

We understand that some products are more fragile than others, so we take necessary steps to keep them in a safer place. We also understand that some products are sensitive to external factors – temperature, sunlight, etc. – so we keep them in a way that they are protected from these sensitivities.

In short, we don’t simply put your products in our warehouse – we make sure that they are placed in a safe place!

2) We Have High Standards of Sanitation

We make sure that our warehouse is clean and every product is maintained as well. We conduct sanitary inspections and cleanups periodically to ensure that your products are clean once they are delivered to your customers.

We also remove dusts that may accumulate on your products over time. Dusts can cause allergic reactions and it can make your product look old, so we make sure to check and remove them periodically.

When getting ready for delivery, we conduct final sanitation inspections for your products.

3) Our Warehouse is Secured 24/7

The last thing you’d want is have some intruder go inside the warehouse and steal your products! Our warehouse have sufficient security personnel and we have placed CCTV cameras on key locations to ensure that no one will steal your products.

4) Our Warehousing Team is Knowledgeable

When hiring staffs for our warehouse, we properly train them so they won’t make mistakes in every step of the warehousing operations. This is especially crucial during the delivery process: our warehousing team ensures that your product will be delivered to the right address.

Our Warehousing is Free!

At the minimum, if you are subscribed to our Lite plan, you are eligible for free warehousing! Here’s how our warehousing works with each plan:

Free Plan

No free warehousing available currently.

There is a warehousing fee of 60RMB/CNY per CBM in this plan.


Free up to 500kg per month. If it exceeds to 500 kg, there is an additional fee of 50 RMB/CNY each exceeding CBM.


Free up to 1000kg per month. If it exceeds to 1000kg, there is an additional fee of 40RMB/CNY each exceeding CBM.

Custom Plan

Let’s talk about it!

*1 CBM = 200kg

Get Our Warehousing Services Now!

Our warehousing services is suitable especially for e-commerce and fulfillment.

Fulfillmen occupies more than 7500sqm facility. Our China warehousing will ensure that your products are secured and taken care of at the highest standard with Fulfillmen warehousing team!

Note: Fulfillmen Warehousing is Currently Available in China,Hong Kong,India