Tax & Duties Benefits

99% the orders your send with fulfillmen have no duty at the destination .As we help you to declare the product as Gift/sample/no commercial value/lower declared value.

According to the customs Management Principle on Inbound-Outbound has to facilitate the reasonable needs of the citizen, but not smuggling or miss declaration.

Customs of each country have regulated the value of tax-free amount, type of prohibited or restricted goods etc.If any tax generated the recipient need to bear all charges.

In General, if the declared value of the package below the tax slab, there is no tax.

Tariff threshold reference table:

Country Amount
The United States 800 USD
Canada 20 CAD
The United Kingdom 15 GBP
Australia 1000 AUD
Russia 10000 RUB
Japan 130 USD
Singapore 300 USD
New Zealand 300 USD
Spain 30 USD
Swiss 20 CHF


Canadian, European customs are very strict in package inspection. Express lines such as DHL, UPS, have high chance to be taxed.

How to reasonably avoid customs tax?

1. The weight of the package is the first key point for customs to judge the package as personal use or commercial parcel. If the Parcel weighs over 10 kg will be considered as the commercial package, so when you submit an order, make sure to confirm the weight.

2. Package Size, all express lines will consider the volume weight of the final box. More smaller much better.

3. If it is a B2B / Bulk Order try to make it below 30kg.

4. Declare Value of the Product. Make sure you are declaring the items less than the Tax slab. In some countries the customs are very strict for packages above 30USD.

5. Number of units /quantity of same product also treat as commercial and have chance to get taxed.

6.Divide packages into several small packs to different address and send on different day.

7.Try plain boxes or International Express box or pp bag than showing your brand logo
The above information is collected from our sources, only for your reference, cannot be the standard guidance.