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Supercharge your shopify store with Fulfillmen’s Shopify Order Fulfilment app. Hassle free order processing with automated tracking synchronization, inventory management and much more.Install the app for free!

Last updated: March, 3rd, 2020 (Beta Release)

Complete Order Automation

Order Collection

Orders will be collected from your Shopify Store to WMS,  Automatically.

Tracking Updation

Once the orders are processed, the app will sync back the tracking numbers automatically.

Inventory Management

Built-in Inventory synchronization option will keep the stock level up-to-date on your store.

Feature rich

Automated order processing (multiple stores supported) along with multiple channel support per geo, ASN creation, In-depth order status, Automatic tracking number synchronization, inventory updation, dropshipping support and much more.

How to use

The setup is pretty easy, please follow these simple installation steps:


  • Install the application on your shopify store
  • After installation, you will be redirected to the setup wizard
  • Here you have to Provide your Fulfillmen account details
  • You can Grab your Fulfillmen API details from here
  • Enter the User ID (fulfillmen customer ID) and API Key
  • Enter the Fulfillmen Username/Email
  • Provide the Fulfillmen Account Password
  • Select the default shipping line (I.E. CHINAPOST)
  • Select the default warehouse (I.E. BestW)
  • Hit Submit and that’s it!

Please follow the steps mentioned below to complete the setup


  • Navigate to the products link (from the left menu) and click on Create/Sync Products
  • If you are a new customer then select the products which you would like to sync with us and hit Sync Products button.
  • If you are an existing customer then you need to select the products which you are shipping with us already and then click on “Mark as Synced” button.
  • Next step is to setup the shipping channels
  • Navigate to Channel Configuration from the left menu.
  • Select the shipping zone, the shipping channel you would like to assign for the zone and, finally the geo and hit submit.

These are the optional features which you can enable as per your need.


  • Under the settings menu, you can toggle the following advance options:
  • The order collection option allows you to either set order processing to 24 hours from creation time or instant.
  • The automatic Tracking update and Automatic Inventory sync toggle buttons enable and disable automated tracking and Inventory Sync.
  • You can also set your own custom Tracking URL here as well.
  • To import previous unfulfilled orders, please use the import Orders feature, it will import the unfulfilled orders from the store.

Complete Order Automation

Connect your Shopify Stores now, Shopify Fulfillmen Automation app supports multiple stores and could sync data across all of your stores.

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