Did you know that offering a COD payment method makes your customers more willing to buy your products because they feel safer with COD? Hence, offering COD or Cash-on-Delivery payment methods can be a wise choice for boosting your sales.

If you are interested to offer COD to your customers, you can do it with one simple step:

Simply let Fulfillmen know that you’re willing to offer COD to your customers.

Once you contact us about offering COD to your customers, we’ll let our respective deliver couriers know in advance. Take note that COD can be offered only in the following countries:

Once we’ve notified our courier partners and they agreed, you’re all set! But there are some terms and regulations you need to know when offering COD payment method.

Your Responsibility

As the seller, it is your responsibility to:

  • Give relevant information regarding the amount to be collected from your customer to your courier, and
  • Check if the information given is accurate prior to the delivery

Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) in order to be eligible for our Cash-on-Delivery Service is a minimum of 3000 monthly orders.

Courier Can Reject COD Method

Courier, under a reasonable discretion (i.e. the seller didn’t give sufficient or accurate information), can reject any COD request.


As a seller, you will be charged certain fees for the courier’s COD services. You will be charged (per collection basis) either SGD $1.00 per COD service or 3% of each cash payment collected, whichever is greater.

Payments for COD service will be made on a monthly basis (i.e. every first week of the month).

Courier’s Obligations

The courier has the obligation to the seller the following:

  • Provide a schedule regarding the amount of cash payments collected from the customers in the preceding period as well as the aggregate total cash payments during the same period
  • Pay the seller the aggregate total COD fees and delivery fees for the preceding period within 15 calendar days.

Settling Disputes

Should there be any dispute between the seller and the courier regarding the amount provided and received, you should notify the courier about the erred amount and tell them the correct amount. Depending on the circumstances, the courier shall make adjustments and provide the correct amount to the seller.

If you did not notify the courier about the erred amount within 7 calendar days, it will be deemed the correct and final amount.

Money Transfer

The cash collected by the courier should be remitted to the seller’s designated bank account.