Add-on Services

Many online retailers fail to accomplish their target sales on time not because they lack skills and knowledge but due to losing track of their shipment and inventories!

Understanding what you have, where it is in your warehouse when the stock is going in and out while doing other tasks as a business owner is extremely frustrating! That is why we needed people. But how about if it still not an option? What do you do?

Proper inventory and warehousing have tones of advantages. This can give you lower costs, faster delivery and even helps you prevent fraud. To assess your current assets, balance your accounts and provide financial reporting, you also need to have a good inventory control system. With these, you get better, on the spot understanding of what is trending and what is not. You can also prevent excess inventory taking up space in your warehouses unnecessarily. But what if you do not have the physical space? What do you do?

We at Fulfillmen makes your goal setting easier by taking the big task of your warehousing and shipping needs. We give our every client a lighter and easier workload! Either you are hands business owner or not, with our tracking website being done simultaneously right, definitely reduce failures!

Let Fulfillmen do the shipping job and you get direct access to our management system (OMS) that lets you update shipping tasks for free! You will have a unique id and password to sign in so you can directly manage, automate and streamline order processing for your own businesses. This is user-friendly, easy to navigate, highly rated and efficient.

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