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Use Custom Packaging to Grow Your E-Commerce Business!

Use Custom Packaging to Grow Your E-Commerce Business!


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When you strategize for your e-commerce business, what do you usually think about? Choosing which products to sell? How to source product? Fulfillment operations? Warehousing? Shipping? Costs and regulations of shipping?

Of course, these things are important to consider if you want to make your e-commerce business successful. However, did you ever think of this: packaging?

When e-commerce entrepreneurs think about packaging, many of them think only of dull, brown, “formal” packages. No design, no brand, no personality, just a dull, brown package!

Why Packaging is Important?

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

What do you expect when you’re about to receive a gift? Aside from the gift itself, there’s one thing we expect to look good – the packaging of the gift! Whenever we receive those beautifully-packed gifts, whether we think about it or not, we appreciate the packaging of the gift.

If we appreciate the packaging of the gift, don’t you think that your customers will appreciate the packaging of their products, too? Even brick-and-mortar retail businesses find creative ways to package their product in a beautiful way and one that will represent their brand.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider customizing your package:

1) Customize your packaging for design

It’s obvious that design is one main reason why you are encouraged to customize your product’s package. As said earlier, we appreciate a beautifully-packed gifts; the same is true for our packaging!

When we have a beautiful packaging, it will be memorable to our customers even though they may not consciously think about it.

2) Customized packaging gives you an opportunity to represent your brand

When you design, you don’t just put design on your package. You should also think about your brand and how you can represent it through your package.

But of course, you don’t just slap your logo and you’re done; you still need to think of how to design your package while aligning it with your brand!

3) Customized packaging can boost your sales

Of course, there are many factors that affect your sales. But if you’re doing things right, packaging can give you an extra boost because if your customers find out that you package your products beautifully, they will buy again from your partly because of the packaging (even though, again, they don’t consciously think about it).

Fulfillmen’s 3 Simple Guide to Customized Packaging

Here at Fulfillmen, we can give you tips on how to jumpstart on your customized packaging. Here are the 3 simple guide to get you started to Customized Packaging!


Custom Packaging


Budget for Packaging


International Shipping Tips

Custom Packaging

Here are some of the ways that you can package your products:


Paper Mailer


To boost your branding and customer relationships, you can also have these add-ons on your customized package:


Flat cards 

You can present it as a voucher or sales promo

Folded cards

You can add cute letters here


You can also use it as a voucher


You can use this to promote or attract interest to your business


you can grow brand awareness through publications by letting your customers know more about your business and products. Here are some examples of publications:

a. Magazine

b. Newsletters

c. Catalog


Now that you’re package are set, the next thing you’ll do is to pack and label them. Even here, there’s design opportunities waiting for you! 

More Add-Ons

Here are some additional add-ons that you can add for your customized package:


Custom Issue Paper

 Custom Product Tags

Custom Void Fillers

Budget for Packaging

The next thing to consider is your customized packaging’s fee. Here at Fulfillmen, we offer the lowest price possible for your customized package fee.

We calculate the custom package fee based on your product’s price (2-5% of product’s cost) and other factors such as package size, material, handling and labor costs. To save up money, be sure your package’s size is just enough for your product – not too big but not too little.

International Shipping Tips

You may wonder, why is international shipping part of customized packaging? Well, because here at Fulfillmen, we want to keep costs as possible – from beginning to end. In other words, we want to help you save as much costs as possible on shipping in the same way you just saved up for packaging.

Do you know that around 70% of e-commerce businesses fail because of high shipping cost? This is why shipping cost is important, too – it can make your break your business!

Let Fulfillmen Help You!

Here at Fulfillmen, we can help you with customized packaging, customized shipping and plenty of services which you can use to benefit your business! Simply head on to our website to learn more what we can do for you!

Custom Packaging & International Shipping

Want to know more about custom packaging and international shipping? Download this resource now!

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