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At Fulfillmen, we don’t just provide fulfillment services; we also see to it that our services are up to the present technology. We believe that integrating AI and digital intelligence to e-commerce fulfillment is the key to a more efficient way of doing fulfillment!

One of the ways to experience the power of Fulfillmen’s AI and digital intelligence is by using our special software, Order Management System!

At Fulfillmen, you can manage, streamline, and automate your order processing via our Order Management System. Here’s what you can get from our OMS:

Customized Order Processing

Every order is different, so you may need to customize your order processing for each order. Our OMS allows you to just do that!

Track Your Deliveries in Real-Time

It’s important to know where your deliveries are at a given time. OMS allows you to track your deliveries in real-time.

After all, if your customers can track your deliveries, so should you!

Integration with World’s Mainstream E-Commerce Sales Channel

Fulfillmen OMS is integrated into some of the world’s mainstream e-commerce sales channels like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerc, Amazon, eBay, and Aliexpress. This allows you to integrate Fulfillmen OMS to your e-commerce store for streamlined delivery of information.

Fulfillmen have an open API to connect with other platforms.

Learn More about Fufillmen API

Integration with World’s Largest Shipping Carriers

Fulfillmen OMS is also integrated into some of the largest shipping carriers in the world like USPS, Royal Mail, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. to allow you to track your delivery with whichever shipping carriers you choose to ship your products with!


Synced with Fulfillmen’s Warehouse

Finally, our Fulfillmen OMS system is perfectly synced to our warehouse. In this way, you can track your warehousing information such as inventory levels, e-commerce product status, and others more!


Fulfillmen OMS is Free!

Best of all, this software is free! Simply sign up and you’ll have your unique ID and password to access your own OMS account!

But Wait, There’s More: Introducing App4Ship!

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At Fulfillmen, we are committed to improving our AI and digital intelligence technology so that we can provide better fulfillment and e-commerce services.

Establishing using the bricks of excellence, innovation, and creativity, we have come up with the revolutionary AI fulfillment and e-commerce technology that will change the way we do fulfillment and e-commerce – and that is App4Ship!

App4Ship is a special AI engine made by Fulfillmen! Our aim for App4Ship is to merge the power of digital intelligence into the world of e-commerce and fulfillment services.


Less Hassle

With App4Ship, thanks to its special-built and powerful AI engine, many of the key processes of e-commerce and fulfillment could be automated – this can save you a lot of time and energy!



Less Expensive

But if you think that App4Ship is very expensive, you’d be wrong – because App4Ship automates much of the processes, there’s no need to hire and add new staff to do the same exact work, helping you save on business expenses! But how about App4Ship?

App4Ship is also less expensive – you can get started for only $19 per month! But if you’re just new to e-commerce or you’re just running a small business, you can even use App4Ship for FREE!

Try App4Ship Now!

App4Ship is a revolutionary technology that will improve China fulfillment services! If you want to take advantage of this powerful AI design, you can check App4Ship here!