A new customizable system that uses a powerful
AI engine for a hassle-free and less expensive fulfillment processing on your part.

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What is App for Ship?ย App4ship aims to minimize the human intervention for both sides as well cut the operational cost for the customer with the help of the AI engine.


The ZEN engine

To create a powerful application we needed the equally powerful AI Base. The Zen engine (the AI base) is our custom made AI. The aim of creating an AI engine was to make our lives hassle-free. Thus the AI engine ‘ZEN’ came to existence.

Zen engine is capable of suggesting shipping lines automatically based on their performance. It can also suggest new products as well. Most importantly the zen engine can fix the orders with errors on its own.

Furthermore, it can select remote shipping lines and it can handle customer queries as well.



Thanks to Zen Engineโ€™s powerful AI capabilities, you can track your orders in real-time. You can track your orders at that moment it is placed and transmitted to our system.

During the travel time, the Zen Engine will automatically fetch any updates from the carrier and will instantly display them in our tracking system.


Each business needs different reports to help them study and strategize for their next sales strategy.

Our โ€œRobust Reportsโ€ analyzes user behavior and creates customized reports based on your needs. This will help you better analyze your performance and think about how to boost your sales.



Add-ons such as Whatsapp Integration, Wechat integration, automated email/text notifications Allows the user to unleash the true power of the zen engine.


โ€œZen Engineโ€ โ€“ the powerful AI engine

โ€œZen Engineโ€ is a very powerful AI engine exclusively made for APP4SHIP only. Our Zen Engine can handle key operational costs including the selection of shipping lines, product suggestions, managing customer inquiries, and even fix some errors on an order. Because the Zen Engine can handle such key processes, the fulfillment processing will be hassle-free for you!

Additional AI tools for your needs

If you need more AI assistance for your fulfillment processes, APP4SHIP offers them as well! Add-ons such as WhatsApp integration, WeChat integration, automated SMS or email notifications, and much more!

Less expensive compared to typical fulfillment centers

You may think that higher technology meant more expensive pricing, but thatโ€™s not that case with APP4SHIP โ€“ itโ€™s the other way around! Because much of the key processes are automated, this leads to reduced expenses on our part (and yours, too!) If youโ€™re doubtful, just look at our pricing: it starts at only $19! If youโ€™re a small business, you can even get started for free!


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