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The thrill of “Tiktok unboxing” makes how many TikTok users go straight to the top!

The thrill of “Tiktok unboxing” makes how many TikTok users go straight to the top!


Tiktok unboxing

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In 2006, the video production company Aradius Media Network released a video on YouTube.

The video is titled: Unbox.IT: Unboxing Ceremony of Nokia E61 , the content is the unboxing of the Nokia E61. This video became the world’s first brand unboxing video on YouTube.

A decade later, when Nokia phones are obsolete, “unboxing videos” have become a fad and made YouTube’s most-watched list.

Today, TikTok has made it a significant traffic trend that brands can’t ignore.

On TikTok, the hashtag #unboxing has been viewed 45.4 billion times.

Tiktok unboxing videos

The magic behind the unboxing video is to capitalize on the public’s expectation of something new.

People love watching strangers unbox, especially when they take down layers of packing to reveal the object inside.

This has also become much of what has driven the explosion of unboxing videos on short-form video platforms.

Tiktok Unboxing: Immersive out-of-the-box marketing, low cost and high return

For fashion luxury brands, unboxing videos are a way to gain Reds Creator-approved low-cost marketing methods——

Many of the most popular unboxing videos on TikTok focus on luxury fashion and products.

Fashion and luxury firms typically send KOL influencers unpacking videos.

The influencer will record a video reaction so her audience may share her surprise.

@audreypeters is a medium-sized KOL creator with about 590,000 followers, and a blogger with goods.

Since June, her views have climbed 160%, her involvement has increased 140%, and she has 37.4 million likes.

In her creation, out of the box Video exposure is far higher than other types of content.

She also once said: “Unboxing content is now the best content I have on TikTok.”

Unboxing videos improve her video views and assist luxury fashion manufacturers to gain attention and revenues.

In fact, it combines the mystery of the blind box with the joy of unboxing.Brand Marketing, has amazing potential on TikTok.

Every time TikToker unboxes, it can generate an unusual and exciting approach to open it.

Unique highlights typically attract attention by expressing product experience, brand history, or how to obtain rare product talents.

Fan users watch it repeatedly, which in turn gives the brand a lot of exposure.

Compared with common products in life, unboxing videos of high-end luxury goods are often more attractive.

For instance, Glossier, Tiffany, Gucci, etc., unpacking videos cater to Gen Z’s passion for boutique retail.

A luxury unboxing trend trending on TikTok today is that some influencers embed ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) elements into unboxing videos of fashion products, known as “immersive unboxing.”

These videos enhance the sound of the unboxing process: unpacking, touching the fabric, zipping and buttoning. By stimulating hearing, these videos provide consumers with an immersive and relaxing experience.

It is worth noting that on TikTok, the number of views of the #ASMR topic is as high as more than 400 billion , so adding #ASMR to the “unboxing” video can play a great role in attracting traffic.

In the case of Gucci, #Gucci has nearly 3.1 billion views on TikTok. 

Gucci’s unboxing videos have raised bag demand by 50% year-over-year and average selling price by 65% (RealReal’s 2021 resale report)

Inspire curiosity and form an interactive out-of-the-box experience

In addition to high-end luxury goods, unboxing video content based on daily life stories is also very popular. For example, two weeks ago, an unboxing video went viral on TikTok.

The video was posted by a blogger named @littlemiss_madison who ordered a $200 wedding dress online for her upcoming wedding and then captured the full unpacking video on camera.

Later, the blogger shared this incident and the unboxing video on TikTok. In just a few days, the video quickly fermented and became a hit. As of the publication date, the sign had been viewed 31 million times and gained 2.3 million likes.

Although this video is only 40 seconds long, and the blogger is dismantling the whole processexpress deliveryThe packaging didn’t even try it on,

But whether it is from the playback data or the comments in the comment area, TikTok users seem to prefer to watch the blogger’s unboxing process, and they are also looking forward to the blogger’s wedding in October.

After thinking about it, the explosion of the video may be because @littlemiss_madison first set up the background of buying this product, it made people become interested in this video, so they began to wonder what the wedding dress was like, using the story with a story The product aroused curiosity or resonance among users, and finally became a popular video.

Therefore, three dimensions of the characteristics of such unboxing videos can be summarized: object, doing, and meaning. It’s not hard to see that the unboxing is not an informative commentary, but a hedonic and emotional experience, more like an interactive unboxing video experience.

Wide audience, become a brand low-cost marketing tool

From the initial videos that focused on fashion or high-tech products, unboxing videos today have come in many forms, and almost any consumer product can be used for unboxing videos : clothes, cosmetics, power tools, car gadgets, Home decoration, etc… These have become popular items for unboxing videos.

Today, unboxing videos are becoming a powerful tool for overseas brand social media marketing. It is more like a product advertisement than a product review.

According to Google data,

62% of unpacking video watchers plan to buy the product. Over 40% of buyers said they would likely share their unboxing experience if the product was in branded packaging.

From the side, product packaging is also an important part of the purchase experience, which can greatly promote the visual sensory experience of product unboxing.

US e-commerce logistics Services firm Dotcom Distribution also said in this year’s E-Commerce Consumer Research Report that nearly 40 percent of online orders would share the image on social media if they were in unique packaging.

Packaging with a unique style can better cater to the growing trend of unboxing videos, and many customers are 85% more likely to purchase products after watching these product videos.

Now more and more brands are more and more aware of the importance of this product packaging and experience, and they have strengthened their packaging. For example, Glossier, a well-known DTC beauty brand, has also begun to take advantage of this trend on TikTok to open up the user market for new products.

Therefore, whether it is a small seller or a brand seller, by creating this unboxing experience worth sharing, it may be possible to achieve unexpected marketing effects.

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