Why is writing lists an important part of operations?

Amazon’s platform will use algorithms to suggest products when we search for them. The site’s recommendation algorithm is made up of two parts:

a) Remove all results that have nothing to do with the search term we entered;

b) Sort all of the results on the page of search results.

We care more about how to get our listings on as many search result pages as possible, and we try to rank as high as we can.

When sorting, the algorithms on the Amazon platform look at each product’s CTR, CVR, time on page, and other factors. So, the most important thing is to figure out how to improve the CTR and CVR of the listing. Along with the price and the product itself, the listing’s writing and pictures are, of course, the most important things.

Good copywriting not only improves rankings but also lets products be included in more keywords on the platform and get more exposure.

What makes good copy for an ad?

What makes good copy for an ad?

First, we need to make sure that as many keywords as possible can be used to find the listing.

Based on work experience, the most important thing in a search is the title. So, the title needs to have the most important keywords. At the same time, bullet points are very important for search. If it is hard to put the title in the main words, it should be put as much as possible in the bullet points.

Second, try to keep your site near the top of the list of search results.

We need to figure out the numerical requirements for listing:

a) Raise the CTR

b) Improve CVR

c) Bring up the page


There are two ways to improve the performance of a listing:

a) Made to work best on the platform (retrieved)

More relevant words need to be added to the title and bullet points so that it can be found;

b) Making things better for customers (top ranking)

To give customers a good experience, it’s important to make sure the voice of your copy is clear, smooth, and correct.