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How to Write Product Descriptions that Convert

How to Write Product Descriptions that Convert


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It just took twenty seconds. According to research conducted by the Nielsen Norman Group, this is the typical amount of time users spend on a given website. Therefore, if you want to make a sale, you need to grab their attention and state your value proposition effectively inside the first 10 seconds.

Is it true that product descriptions are so important?

Even though pictures are great, they don’t tell the whole story of your product. Even though consumers like and find value in pictures and videos, product descriptions are still a big part of how well your e-commerce business does. In fact, another NNG study showed that 20% of people who were going to buy a product but didn’t end up doing so because the information about the product wasn’t clear or wasn’t complete.

Poor product experience

Information about a product that is wrong, missing, inconsistent, or old, which causes confusion and frustration and leads to a decision not to buy.

Product Return

Misinformation that causes customers to return items, lose money, and be unhappy.

These results have an effect not only on your overall conversion rate, but also on your relationship with your current customers, your reputation with potential customers, and how likely they are to buy from you again.

You need to include certain things in your next product description.

product description

Rich product descriptions grab the reader’s attention and get them interested in the product. Make sure your product descriptions are interesting by doing the following:

  • A clear explanation of what the product is for.
  • Sentences that are easy to understand and don’t use jargon
  • lines that focus on the benefits and answer objections
  • Key features that answer frequently asked questions are highlighted.
  • Full disclosure of where a product comes from, how it affects the environment, what it is made of, and other similar information, if needed.

But that’s only the very top of the iceberg. In the highly competitive world of e-commerce, you need to do the following to get people to buy from you:

Figure out who your customer is.

When writing a product description, you should have a certain type of buyer in mind. This may be the best way to make sure your efforts lead to closed sales, since your messaging is targeted and based on the pain points and wants of a specific segment.

Focus on what the product can do for you.

Be clear, but don’t use jargon and try to be brief. Don’t waste your readers’ time with long, confusing writing. Get to the point and say it as quickly as you can.

Listing features are also good to know, especially for tech-savvy people and people who want to get more for their money. But a lot of people shop for things they need, which means they want specific information and benefits.

Write in detail and stay away from hypes

When you don’t have a copywriter to describe your product, you often end up with strange phrases like “excellent quality” or “grade A finish.” So, your product description seems like it was written from a template, wasn’t well thought out, and wasn’t convincing at all. This makes readers scroll down the page and eventually go to another site. Customers trust specific language over vague descriptions.

Make descriptions that are easy to read.

shoes product description

A lot of people who buy things online just scroll and don’t read the text. So, when they go to a product page, they want to see the most important information right away. So, to describe your product, use short, consistent bullet points.

People usually read the information about a product after looking at its picture to help them make a choice. Make sure they can see right away why the product is worth buying. Use bullet points to list the features and benefits. This will make it easy for them to skim and find what they need.

Bullet points are also great for things like pencils that don’t need to be explained.

Bullet points can also be used as decorations because they can make a plain page look friendlier.

Make sure your product descriptions are SEO-friendly.

SEO is the engine that makes an e-commerce strategy work. You want your product to be the first thing people see when they look for what they need. When you write product descriptions, use search terms that people often use. You can find these frequently used keywords with a lot of different tools. First, look for a tool that will analyze how a chosen keyword will do in terms of impressions, cost per keyword, and click-through rate. Once you’ve chosen all of your keywords, put them in your product description in a smart way. But use your keywords sparingly so you don’t get penalized for keyword stuffing.

Shopify says that you should also put keywords in the following places:

  • Title of page
  • Alt tags
  • Meta descriptions


There are no hard and fast rules about how to describe a product. You don’t have to follow traditional rules to make great content that gets people to buy. It depends on your brand, what you’re selling, and who you’re selling to. Add a reliable Product Information Management (PIM) system that lets you write compelling product descriptions to your strategy, and you’ll be able to write rich, engaging product descriptions that sell.

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