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Landing Page Optimization Tips and Tricks

Landing Page Optimization Tips and Tricks


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What should I do if the Google advertising data is not ideal? Many sellers immediately think of optimizing keywords and placing bids. In fact, optimizing the user experience of the landing page is also very important.

As we all know, ad conversion occurs when the user jumps to the landing page after watching the ad. If the page is closed without interaction, the ad will fail. It can be seen that whether a landing page is excellent is related to the difference between 1 or 100 conversions of the website every day. So how to create a high-conversion advertising landing page? This article summarizes some key points to help you optimize the advertising landing page and better reduce marketing costs.

1. Have you been caught in the 5 common reasons why the landing pages step on the pit?

As the name suggests, the landing page is the first page that users jump to after clicking on the ad. Its function and purpose are also very clear, that is, to gain insight into the needs of visitors and facilitate transactions. A well-designed landing page that can attract users’ interest can undoubtedly reduce the bounce rate of the website and obtain a higher quality score for advertisers. That means better ad positions and lower ad spend. On the contrary, if the landing page has not achieved conversion or the bounce rate is too high, it may cause Google ads to be displayed less frequently, or even not displayed at all.

The importance of the landing page is self-evident. However, in the actual combat process, many sellers have stepped on the pitfalls in the operation of the landing page. Among them, the following situations are the most common.

1. The opening speed of the website is too slow

From the user’s point of view, the longer the page cannot be seen after clicking the ad, the more patience will be worn down, and the possibility of closing the page will naturally be higher. According to official statistics from Google, for every 1 second that the website slows down, the bounce rate is 20% higher. Slow server response, too large homepage files (such as pictures or videos), and too many plug-ins are the three main reasons that lead to slow loading of web pages.

2. The landing page content is inconsistent with the advertisement copy

A basic principle to ensure the effectiveness of Google advertising is the high degree of unity of keywords, ad copy and landing page. Some sellers may use the independent website homepage or other integrated pages as landing pages in order to drive the traffic of other products on the site. But in doing so, users may also lose patience because they cannot directly find the product they need, leading to directly exiting the page.

3. There is a bug in the landing page

A 404 page appears on the landing page, which seems to be a low-level error, but as long as you don’t pay attention, you may “step into the pit”. The most common reason is that the user has seen a 404 page because the URL of the landing page has been modified but the advertisement settings have been forgotten. Some sellers have also experienced page errors due to proxy server overload.

4. Inappropriate form pop-up

In order to collect user information, I believe that many sellers have used form pop-up plug-ins. This approach has advantages and disadvantages. If users are distracted by pop-up windows before they fully understand the website, they may close the webpage directly. In addition, pop-up plugins can also slow down the loading time of landing pages. Therefore, the timing of the pop-up window is very important. Instead of showing a popup when the user visits the landing page, it may be more appropriate to set the popup when the user is about to leave the page.

5. Poor matching of mobile pages

At present, the proportion of search volume on the mobile terminal is increasing. Relevant data show that if the webpage cannot be well adapted to the mobile terminal, the bounce rate of users will increase by 5 times. The adaptability of the mobile terminal not only includes compatibility and accessibility, but also needs to ensure that the landing page can clearly and completely convey information on devices of various sizes. For example, some sellers did not pay attention to the user experience of the mobile terminal when designing web buttons, and the size design of the buttons could not be adapted to all models, resulting in the inability of users of some models to click the buttons, which invisibly caused the loss of some users.

Landing page optimization, grasp 3 key principles

So how to avoid the above “thunder spots” and create a high-quality landing page?

Before starting to optimize, you should first clarify the purpose of this advertisement, whether it is to retain funds to attract customers or product sales, etc. Secondly, it is necessary to clarify the characteristics of the target audience of the advertisement, such as the gender and age characteristics of the audience, device usage habits, and so on. The copywriting, button styles, pictures and videos on the landing page must be designed based on the characteristics of the crowd, around the marketing objectives, and grasp the three principles of relevance, reliability, and convenience.

1. Relevance

When choosing a landing page, be sure to choose a page that is highly relevant to the ad copy and keywords, so that users are interested in continuing the subsequent conversions. For example, if your ad is introducing a certain product, then the landing page should provide a purchase link page for the product. In terms of copy design, it is recommended that the advertisement and the landing page use a consistent title to ensure that users can find the information they want accurately, and it can also well indicate to Google that this is what users want to see, thereby ensuring the quality of the advertisement point. Additionally, buttons with calls to action can also be designed. For example, taglines such as “Buy Now”, “Contact Us Now” etc., are used to impress users and motivate them to take further action.

2. Reliability

Landing pages should convey a trustworthy brand image to users. First of all, it is necessary to ensure that there are no mistakes in words and grammar in terms of content and copywriting. It is recommended that you pay more attention to translation to avoid misunderstandings for users. Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that the landing page is accessible, develop the habit of regular inspection, and take corresponding optimization measures in time if there is a problem. In addition, pay attention to leaving easy-to-find and usable contact methods, such as phone calls, emails, or human customer service chat windows, so that customers can get help in time when they want to consult.

3. Convenience

An excellent landing page allows users to quickly access and obtain information clearly. In terms of loading speed, it is recommended not to exceed 3 seconds, which can be tested using the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool. When designing the page, a combination of graphics, text and video can be used to help users understand the product. However, it should be noted that it is best to compress in advance when uploading materials such as pictures and videos. The file size should not exceed 2M, and do not use too many plug-ins. In addition, pay attention to the compatibility of the mobile terminal.

Of course, after completing the page content, we also conduct A/B testing to verify the results, improve and continuously optimize.

For advertisements aimed at attracting customers, you can focus on referring to the bounce rate and browsing time in the Google Analytics background. Generally speaking, as long as it is not a page with particularly simple content, a page with a bounce rate of 30%-50% is a good page, and a page with a bounce rate of 50%-70% still has room for improvement. If the bounce rate exceeds 70%, it means that you need to Further optimized. For advertisements for sales purposes, you can set indicators such as conversion and additional purchases in Google Analytics. If the product page has a large number of views but the number of additional purchases is low, you must continue to do A/B testing and adjust the price and description of the product. Or the title to continuously verify the effect.

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