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Product Marketing Customization and Guidelines

Product Marketing Customization and Guidelines


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If you want to get more traffic, you need to pass Google ads, Facebook advertising and Google SEO and social media marketing to attract traffic. Of course, it is also crucial to do the necessary product marketing positioning in the early stage.

A good product marketing strategy can help us be more strategic and continuous in the operation of independent stations.

1. What is product marketing?

Product marketing is the process of bringing a company’s products to market. But where does product marketing start and end? There is no straightforward answer to this question.  Other companies expand the scope of marketing a product years after it has been on the market, to inform and guide product development, and to develop an ongoing sales strategy. From a broader perspective, product marketing is the intersection between product and market. The needs of the market will inform us which products are produced and how they are presented to consumers in every marketing campaign.

In this sense, product marketing can include all aspects of developing, launching, and selling a product.

2. What does a product marketer do?

Since the definition of product marketing can vary, the role of a product marketer (or product marketing manager, as they are often called) can vary greatly depending on the industry and company they are in.

Product marketing can be a shared responsibility among several different people and departments, or it can be assigned to a product marketing manager. There might even be a dedicated product marketing team. Key responsibilities of a product marketer include:

1) Conduct and analyze market research

2) Assist in product development

3) Determine new product positioning and messaging

4) Develop and execute market strategies for product launches

5) Measure product and campaign success through customer feedback and key performance indicators

3. Product marketing and Brand Marketing

Product marketing focuses on the product, based on such a value communication, regardless of other factors such as popularity or immediate sales revenue.

On the other hand, brand marketing is based on solving users’ doubts about products and producing high-quality content (not limited to articles, videos, and other reference materials) around products and audiences. The emotional connection between a brand and customers influence them more than the details of the product.

Sometimes, especially in smaller companies, the marketing manager will be in charge of product marketing and brand marketing at the same time, while Google Ads, Google SEO, and other social media marketing are all handled by one person.

In this way, it is easy to cause every platform to have, but it is not too surprising, and it is easy to cause waste of resource costs.

4. Brand and product continuous marketing

The product marketing strategy doesn’t end when the product hits the market. Product marketers will monitor sales and user engagement to understand which channels and messages are most effective, make decisions, and adjust platforms that are not performing well. For example, you might test different product targets in a series of ads. If a particularly effective ad group is associated with several product groups whose ads are not performing well.

Product marketers may be able to replace underperforming ad sets with the most effective ad sets, saving marketing costs and increasing the overall conversion rate of the product.

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