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A Comprehensive Idea of ​​Amazon New Product Promotion

A Comprehensive Idea of ​​Amazon New Product Promotion


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A new year begins,high season has also passed, and I believe that many sellers should start preparing new product plans for the new year. We have talked about it before in the article (link: three methods of quick start of new products, old and new ), now let’s change the way of thinking and understandproductThe thinking of creating from new products to mature products.

Four stages

We divide the product into four stages from new products to stable orders. They are: initial stage, growth stage, boost stage, and mature stage.

Initial stage

The initial stage is to amazon the advanced system identifies your products, fully understands what kind of products you have, and what kind of customers are suitable for you. Therefore, our new products are to increase the collection, the most important of which is category and the inclusion of keywords, so as to increase exposure, how to know whether your products are better included, you can read the previous article: When can automatic advertising be turned on? You can easily judge in 3 ways that you may not know

We can also use multiple brand tools, such as posts, brand flagship stores, buyer interaction, brand promotion advertisements, etc., to give new products more traffic and opportunities to place orders and increase brand awareness

Growth period

When we get enough exposure, we try to increase the budget, raise the bidding price, increase investment in promotion to bring more clicks and sales, and accelerate the development of the growth stage.

We can also cooperate with promotional activities and combine advertising to improve conversion.

Cross-delivery of multiple advertising product combinations, automatic and manual keywords, manual ASIN, manual category (commodity promotion, brand promotion, display promotion), etc.

Boost period

This period is similar to the peaking stage. While we are growing, we must prevent competitors from putting pressure on us and grabbing our traffic. The best way is to use defensive or occupying advertising programs to establish a brand internal cycle.

We should use more combination sales, put our own ASIN and brand, etc. The purpose is to increase brand exposure and improve brand awareness.

We can also remarket to sellers who have purchased products of our brand to increase the repurchase rate of the brand


The product has reached maturity, the ranking is relatively high, and the traffic is relatively stable. At this time, we need to expand more long-tail keywords

Try new advertising ideas and advertising products, such as some new features of promotional display, contextual placement, SDV video placement, etc.

You can also test new delivery options.

—-three ways to play—-

However, in the above four periods, each period can be divided into three types of play: full-scale offensive, conservative offensive, and conservative.

Full-scale offensive – grab all the exposure

When your budget is sufficient and the competitive environment is comfortable, you can use this method, and the advertisement can directly start with the suggested bidding, which can achieve the following effects:

  • maximize exposure
  • Increase collection
  • Improve keyword ranking
  • Build brand awareness
  • Harvest potential customers
  • improve conversion

In advertising, we need to focus on the following indicators:

  • Exposure, especially for prime exposure locations
  • CTR
  • Conversion rates
  • Conservative and offensive – choose the appropriate exposure position rationally

When your budget is sufficient but the market competition is fierce, we can blindly expand exposure, which will cause your input-output ratio to be very high. We need to rationally choose the appropriate exposure position and cooperate with brand tools.

  • Accurate targeting, fine control, and improving advertising conversion as the core
  • Improve brand awareness
  • Grasp the long tail traffic

At this time, we need to focus on the following indicators in advertising

  • Conversion rates
  • ROAS
  • long tail exposure

Conservative – do big things with little money

When our budget is limited and the market competition is fierce, then we have to adopt a conservative approach, and this approach requires relatively high operational skills. we want:

To improve ROAS as the core goal

  • Focusing on low-cost high-conversion advertising, in the fierce competition, every penny spent is valuable
  • Grasp the long tail traffic
  • Focus on indicators
  • ROAS
  • Conversion rates
  • long tail exposure

We can choose different ways of playing according to our actual situation.


In order to facilitate everyone’s understanding, I will directly give you a screenshot, which can be downloaded and saved

A Comprehensive Idea of ​​Amazon New Product Promotion
A Comprehensive Idea of ​​Amazon New Product Promotion

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