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How to find keywords with search volume and conversion value in Google?

How to find keywords with search volume and conversion value in Google?


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Only when keywords with search volume are placed on the website will search users come to the website. That is to say, if there are some keywords that no one searches for all year round, then no users will come to the website to search.

This is also the main reason why we have written a lot of content but the website has no users to view it. Next, I will combine how to view Google Search volume and how to use Google Trends to tell everyone which keywords are what we really need.

1. Google search index and Google search volume

The search index is actually a concept related to the search volume. The higher the index, the higher the search traffic of the keyword in Google.

Now, the search results provided by Google keywords planner are relatively broad, and they simply tell everyone the level of competition.

How to find keywords with search volume and conversion value in Google?

However, the results of search queries are often only an interval value, and the reference value is relatively low. Of course, google keywords planner can help us dig out more keywords, and it is also a useful tool for partners who are poor in words.

2. How to check Google search volume?

Querying the search volume of Google is to query the volume of a certain keyword on Google. I introduced the google keywords planner to you earlier, but using it to query the search volume of keywords is obviously of low reference value.

Let me introduce several tools to you, which can help us more accurately query the search volume of a certain keyword in Google.

2.1 Use KEYWORD GENERATOR to check search volume

This is a free keyword query tool produced by Ahrefs. I don’t need to describe the popularity of afs.How to find keywords with search volume and conversion value in Google?

How to find keywords with search volume and conversion value in Google?

Using this tool, we can clearly see the search volume, search difficulty (KD) and recent statistical time of a certain keyword. The only regret is that although it is free, you need to pay to view all keyword search volumes.

2.2 Use Keywords Sheeter+MozBar to query search volume

This is also the method that I did not have so much money to buy professional SEO query tools before.

Before doing this search volume search, let’s understand these two tools first.

1) Keyword Sheeter can mine relevant keywords from Google in batches. First, enter one or more keywords, then click “Sheet keywords” to start automatically collecting relevant keywords.

2) MozBar can help us check the PA value and DA value of the website that ranks on the first page and the second page of Google, mainly by checking the DA value of the website to know whether the DA value of the current website for a certain keyword can support the keyword ranking to the top page. Because the higher the domain name trust value (DA), the better the keywords of the website will be ranked.

3) We can use the keywords mined by Keyword Sheeter to filter, then use MozBar to judge the difficulty, and finally use KEYWORD GENERATOR to check the search volume of the word.

Although it is not as convenient as paid tools, we can get the results we want by combining these three free tools.

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