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How do independent website sellers make money in Indonesia?

How do independent website sellers make money in Indonesia?


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Indonesia is the 11th largest e-commerce sales market in the world. According to data, the total size of the Indonesian e-commerce market will reach 43.35 billion US dollars in 2021, ahead of Russia and Australia. It is predicted that in 5 years, Indonesia’s online business market will be 5 times the current size.

Indonesia has a population of about 270 million, ranking fourth in the world. The huge population base, coupled with Indonesia’s gradually developing economy, has enabled the rapid expansion of the Indonesian e-commerce market. Along with it, Indonesia’s cross-border e-commerce market will also expand, so independent station. How should sellers seize the trend of the economy, how about nuggets in Indonesia?

Category Selection

Summer supplies: Indonesia is a tropical country with high temperature in summer and a long duration of high temperature. Therefore, summer products, such as refrigeration products, sunscreen products, small electric fans, etc. are very popular in Indonesia, and can be sold for a long time, which is a very good choice for cross-border sellers.

Maternal and baby products

Indonesia is a country with a large population, and the birth rate is also maintained at a relatively high level. Therefore, the number of newborns in Indonesia is very large, which also makes the Indonesian mother and baby products market continue to thrive. The sales of baby toys, strollers, baby tableware and other categories in Indonesia are also relatively stable.

Clothing and shoes

Clothing and shoes are one of the most popular categories in Indonesia. In terms of clothing, because Indonesia has a long summer, Ueeshop recommends that cross-border sellers give priority to summer clothing. In addition, due to the influence of the Korean wave, Indonesian consumers will prefer Korean clothing. Cross-border sellers need to pay close attention to the latest fashion of the Korean wave in order to grasp the preferences of consumers.

Warm tips: Indonesia has a large population and cultural customs are quite different, so cross-border sellers also need to know what local taboos are before choosing products.

Social media to promote

Video is the most used social media platform in Indonesia. The long video mode can also better display product details and improve persuasiveness. In addition to long video platforms , short videos are also a good channel for cross-border sellers to promote.

Short video is one of the most downloaded apps in Southeast Asia in 2021 , and nearly half of these downloads came from Indonesia. In addition, Indonesian consumers are influenced by short video celebrity. The impact is relatively large, so it is recommended that cross-border sellers can conduct celebrity marketing on short videos .

Tips: Indonesian celebrity video production takes a long time. In order to speed up video production, it is best for cross-border sellers to agree on the video production time before cooperation. In addition, sellers can also speed up the progress of cooperation by directly giving each other video ideas.

Payment method

Payment is actually a major problem for independent website sellers to develop the Indonesian market . The penetration rate of credit cards in Indonesia is only about 2% . Indonesian consumers are still accustomed to bank transfers, cash on delivery and other methods. In order to cater to the payment habits of local consumers, cross-border sellers must either connect to local payment methods, or find a relatively reliable local payment method. The company uses the cash on delivery model to increase the payment rate.

In addition, in the past two years, buy now and pay later has gradually become popular in Indonesia, and cross-border sellers can also consider replacing the cash on delivery model with the buy now and pay later model.

The potential of the Indonesian cross-border e-commerce market is very large. If the independent website sellers are interested, act quickly! Get in early to get a head start.

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