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How to find hot fast selling products with Google and Semrush?

How to find hot fast selling products with Google and Semrush?


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It is very important to find products that sell fast and are liked by users, which can help us obtain better profits with limited marketing costs. Therefore, product selection has always been a very, very important thing. If the product is not suitable, it will not only consume marketing costs but also cause great sales pressure.

After all, only choose the right one, not the expensive one. If it is the right price, it is easy to say. The following is a comprehensive analysis of this issue.

1. Solve user pain points

Selling products is also a process of solving pain points. If our products are all products that everyone is selling, entering the game by ourselves can only participate in a meaningless price war.

For example, hiccups are a very common thing in life, but a foreigner named HiccAway invented a straw that can quickly get rid of hiccups.

The cost is not very high but the sales volume is exceptionally good. That is to say, how high can the cost of a straw be? But adding the user’s pain point needs, it is acceptable to sell some small and expensive users.

How to find hot fast selling products with Google and Semrush?

Google will show interested parties that $14 for a straw is a sky-high price if it’s average. People will argue they’re obsessed with money, yet items that alleviate users’ pain spots seem sensible.

How to find hot fast selling products with Google and Semrush?

2. Cater to the needs of customers

The domestic pullback, American Vans, and domestic public sports and leisure shoe producers, including an American skateboard shoe manufacturer, are easy examples.

Huili sneakers cost over 200, whereas Vans vulcanized canvas shoes cost over 400.

Why is there such a big difference between the two? Vans is a professional skateboard shoe brand that caters to the audience’s love and supports it.

This is why users will still choose Vans even if the pull-back is cheaper.

How to find hot fast selling products with Google and Semrush?

3. Use Google to search for requirements and discover products

This step is actually what we want to focus on. In fact, there is no great technical content, just a large area of ​​product browsing. When you want to sell something, it’s best to Google it first.

Just with independent station operations, search for long-tail demand words resulting from this keyword.

The same is true when we dig out a product. If you are going to sell a product, you must know whether your product meets the needs of users.

If the needs of the major categories are met, there is nothing special about it. In fact, it will fall into a price war after a long time.

This is why we have to continuously upgrade according to the needs of existing users after selecting the previous product, because if our products cannot meet the needs of users, users will naturally choose other products.

If you want to cultivate user loyalty, you must first meet the needs of users.

For example, I want to sell a skateboard shoe, but I found that there are already many well-known brands through Google search. If you sell rashly at this time, the effect will not be particularly satisfactory, and it may also cause a backlog of goods.

At this time, we can Google to search for some long-tail words of demand to see what the users really care about? We can also cooperate with Semrush

How to find hot fast selling products with Google and Semrush?

Brand purchases account for the majority, but price, gender-neutral, and professional needs are combined to produce a skateboard shoe that is more friendly to the people.

Of course, to be on the safe side, we can also look at the relevant user comments on youtube:

How to find hot fast selling products with Google and Semrush?

We can find out from the comments of video users, durable! Durable! Not too expensive is the first choice of users, because first-line brands like Nike are still very expensive.

At the same time, users with flat feet can also wear it comfortably. These are very real user needs.

Doing a good job of satisfying these user needs can help us in the high season Get better sales this season!

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