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Google Ads Keywords Tools

Google Ads Keywords Tools


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1. The importance of keywords — the pain point of lack of keywords

A. Pain points of foreign trade business

Those who have done foreign trade business are very clear about it. Google when developing customers, the number of searched customers is often insufficient due to poor “words”. After screening through the sales funnel, there are not many accurate customers left. At this time, we need to expand our keyword library, such as adding some long-tail keywords to accurately search for customers.

B. The pain point of B2B platform operation

B2B platforms like Alibaba International Station, Global Sources, and Made in China have a pain point: they cannot repeat product distribution, keywords, and titles. The problem is that the title is mainly composed of 3 keywords. If the keywords are very close or similar, it is difficult not to repeat them. At this time, we need to expand the keyword library.

C. Pain points of overseas promotion

Overseas promotion will also encounter a problem. The number of keywords with a large search volume in the industry is extremely limited. Due to keyword competition above 60, ranking on Google’s first page is challenging. It is necessary to expand keywords, especially long-tail keywords, to have the opportunity to gradually improve the ranking. At this time, we need to expand the keyword library.

2. Jack’s keywords experience

Lu Xun once said: There is no road in the world, if there are many people walking, there will be one. This sentence also applies to the keywords tool. There is no keywords tool in the world. If there are more people who need it, there will be one.

At the beginning, I didn’t know about keywords tools. I was dizzy looking for keywords every day, and my brain lacked oxygen. Later, I finally got the hang of it. I eventually learned and tried each keyword tool. I can finally collect keywords.

Alibaba offers a term recommendation table, but many of the words are popular, including cheap bluetooth speaker, bluetooth speaker india, and online store bluetooth speaker, which are not our target market and clients.

After all, at that time, the circle and methods were limited, and many keywords were thought and edited by myself, without considering whether there was any search volume.

Google Ads

For a while, I went to the webpage source code of the peer website to find keywords. The specific operation is to open the peer website, right-click to view the webpage source code, enter the webpage source code (html page), and press the shortcut key Ctrl+F (Mac system Cmd+F) , enter “keywords” to view the 3 keywords of the other party’s webpage, and then copy and paste Crll+C/Alt+Tab/Ctrl+V.

Switch back and forth between the web page and the Excel table, so that 20 websites can find almost 60 keywords. This is faster than before, but still not fast enough.

3. Keywords Tools

First keywords tools: ubersuggest (free). 

In 2016, I learned that ubersuggest could batch-generate, download, and export keywords.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that it is free , all language searches are free, and some of them are now supported for free, which is a very conscientious tool.


It supports external link query, domain name analysis, and SERP analysis, and the functions are much more powerful than before; the sky was always blue at that time, and the days always passed too slowly, and now there are new things to learn every day.

The second keyword tool: google keywords planner (Google keyword planning master, opened google ads Free to use). It was also one day in 2016. I found the tool Google Keyword Planner. At that time, I was also in the mood of picking up a treasure.

Because to use Google Keyword Planner, you must have a Google account. After ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties, I finally registered a Gmail Google account. 

The biggest advantage of this tool is: it is the source/database of all other keyword tools, and the data is the most accurate. Most of the keywords of other free/paid keyword tools are transferred from here.


The third keywords tools: keywords everywhere. 

This tool should be known one day in the second half of 2016. At that time, I spent almost an hour to install the chrome browser plug-in of keywords everywhere.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that it can display the global monthly search volume and CPC advertising cost of your search keywords in the browser search box . You can judge whether the keyword value is worth doing Google ads based on this (for example, if the monthly search volume is less than 20, It is not recommended to place advertisements) , whether it is worth doing SEO optimization (for example, if the monthly search volume is more than 5000, it is not recommended to do SEO ranking).

This keyword tool will start charging in October 2019. There are multiple currency calculation methods. The search volume of the basic package is 100,000 times, which can meet the needs of most people. It is recommended to pay with 10 US dollars. If you pay in RMB, it will cost 75RMB, which is almost more 5RMB.

This plug-in can support Google and Firefox browsers at the same time. As long as your API verification code is consistent, it also supports cross-device use. For example, after you purchase, install Google and Firefox browser plug-ins on your company computer, and install Google Firefox browser on your laptop. Plug-ins, which are most efficient to use.

The fourth keywords tools: answerthepublic. 

I have been in contact with this tool for 17 years, and what impressed me the most is: the one on the home pageGlassesThe old man with white beard kept shaking.

This tool is a long-tail keyword generation tool, which is more inclined to topic derivation. It can generate many subtopics according to 5W1H (What/Who/When/Where/Why/How). Subtopics can directly jump to Google to search, and can provide A lot of material for copywriting.

The generated subtopics will generate a circular millstone, arranged in sequence, which is very suitable for printing out to study subtopics. Currently, keyword generation in English is free, and keyword generation in other minor languages ​​(German/French/Spanish) is paid.

Google Ads keywords are not enough?  try these tools

This tool can also be entertained occasionally, such as input: 18 years old (18 years old), he will display all the sub-topics about 18 years old in the world, such as how to become rich in 18 years old (how to become rich at 18 years old).

when can i get a GF/BF when i was in 18 years old(How to find a boyfriend/girlfriend at 18 years old), why life is so hard in 18 years old(Why is life so hard at 18 years old).

When you read this information when you are bored, you will find that life is very difficult for young people like you all over the world. They all want to become rich, they all want to get out of the singles, and they all have problems of one kind or another.

You will feel that you are not alone in persevering. People of the same age all over the world are like you. You will feel relieved a lot. At this time, you will be more confident when you listen to being young and promising.

Google Ads

The fifth Google Ads keywords generator tools: Ahrefs. 

What Ahrefs started to contact in 18 years is a paid SEO query software developed by the Singapore team. I always thought it was expensive before. The lowest package price on the official website is 99 US dollars / month.

The most powerful function is the external link query function, but it also has a keyword query and export function, which can be used for different countries and languages, and can query the keyword ranking of different pages.

You can check the natural keywords and paid keywords of your peers, and make targeted SEO ranking strategies; you can also check the paid slogans and descriptions of your peers.

Google Ads keywords are not enough?  try these tools

The sixth keywords generation toosl: Semrush.

 Semrush also came into contact with it in 2018. It is a paid SEO query software developed by the American team. I always thought it was expensive before. The lowest package price on the official website is 99 US dollars / month.

Tried it for free for a month, and the function is still quite powerful. The biggest advantage of this tool is that you can see the natural rankings of your peers and your own keywords on Google, and which pages are ranked. You can use this to research the market and do targeted SEO rankings.

You can also see the keyword rankings of specific countries and specific languages, which is very convenient and worry-free to use. He can also look at the paid keywords and slogans of his peers, which is more accurate and comprehensive than that of ahrefs.

Google Ads keywords are not enough?  try these tools

The seventh keyword generation tool: kwfinder. 

kwfinder is the abbreviation of keyword finder. As the name suggests, it is a tool for finding keywords. This tool Jack came into contact with in 2019. The biggest advantage of kwfinder is that it has a function of predicting traffic. Approximate flow rate. This tool mailbox registration can enjoy a 10-day free trial period, no need to bind a dual-currency credit card.

Google Ads keywords are not enough?  try these tools

Google Ads keywords are not enough?  try these tools

The above seven tools are the most frequently used keyword generation tools by Jack. You can use them according to your own needs. Below is the framework of this article and the map of these tools to help you better understanding of these tools. If you need a PDF of the article structure mind map, please private message me.

Google Ads keywords are not enough?  try these tools

Benefits at the end of this deadline : Hugo cross-border jointGoogleThe launched OceanWeb intelligent marketing platform is launched , which can automatically generate the most attractive advertising title and creative copy for your category, advertising budget and competitive product analysis, relying on massive keyword database and big data. At present, the full function is free and open for use, and the first 100 consultations will send $20 trial money immediately.

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