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Can B2B independent stations also do influencer marketing? 

Can B2B independent stations also do influencer marketing? 


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Speaking of influencer marketing, when it comes to marketing, many people immediately think of cross-border B2C , because fans of influencers are mostly end consumers. But in fact, influencer marketing is also applicable to cross-border B2B .

According to the survey report of Top Rank Marketing, 71% of the surveyed B2B marketers believe that influencer marketing is very important. How to do influencer marketing? What are the differences from B2C influencer marketing?

The difference from B2C

The core of B2C influencer marketing is to stimulate consumers to place orders. Therefore, fans’ value and emotional identification with celebrities and the interaction rate between celebrities and fans are very important, which directly determine the decision-making influence of celebrities on fans. Influence.

As for cross-border B2B transactions, it is obviously impossible to make decisions only through one influencer. Therefore, the most critical point of B2B influencer marketing is to provide product. Make trust endorsement with the brand and expand brand awareness at the same time. The core purpose is different, and there will be big differences in natural marketing strategies.

Platform selection

Popular popular platforms such as Facebook , Instagram , and short video platformssocial media . Although the platform has a large number of users and can introduce more traffic, the accuracy is low. Doing B2B celebrity marketing on these platforms can also develop customers, but the cost is relatively high.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest workplace social platform, with 90 million company executives on the platform, of which 63 million hold decision-making positions . Therefore, although the number of LinkedIn users is far less than that of Facebook, it is still an important promotion platform for B2B .

There is no doubt that LinkedIn will be one of the best choices for B2B independent station influencer marketing. In addition, because the position and job information in LinkedIn are very clear, it will be easier to choose influencers.

Choose the right celebrity

Because of the verticality and closedness of the audience circle, the number of fans of B2B industry influencer will be relatively limited. Therefore, when choosing an influencer, sellers should pay more attention to the matching degree and professionalism of the influencer, rather than the number of fans as a key consideration.

Experts in the industry, distributors, influential old customers, consultants, etc. are all partners that sellers can choose.

Form of cooperation

Interview: The interview itself has a certain degree of professionalism, so it will be easier to gain the trust of customers. Conduct interviews with celebrities and invite them to express their views on industries, brands, and products.

Warm tips: interview questions should involve the industry, the environment, etc., so that it will be more attractive.

Participation experience: Influencers go to the factory to browse, participate in the activities held by the brand, experience the products in person, etc., which are also very good forms of promotion. Displaying products and brands from the perspective of a third party often makes people feel more real.

Finally, sellers should pay attention to the most critical point of B2B celebrity marketing, which is to show professionalism, because only professional enough can achieve the purpose of trust and endorsement.

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