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The principle of Google Seo

The principle of Google Seo


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What is Google SEO?

 Many people will answer search engine optimization, but if you tell a novice like this, he may still not understand, because it is too official. In fact, in simple terms, Google SEO is to do rankings, that is, to make all the web pages of the website the results of search engines In front of the list, this is the purpose of seo, which may be biased, but in fact, more than 90% of users think of it in this way.

Now that we understand SEO, we can discuss its principles. It is about ranking, hence we must follow search engine ranking principles. This article’s principle is that website pages should be ranked first.

Here we need an example to illustrate.

For example, if you search for the word seo, the websites that appear on the Baidu homepage are:

Webmaster Tools: seo.chinaz.com/ Seo

Explorer Team: www.seoai.cn/ Seo

Baidu Encyclopedia Seo Research Center: bbs.moonseo.cn/Seo

Seowhy Forum: bbs.seowhy.com/

Jiaoda: www.jiaodaseo.com/

Why are the top six homepages not yours? Many SEOs can determine why these websites rank high by analyzing weight, external links, and content. It seems sense to suggest that the answer will have many elements, but what are the main ones?

Here I think there are three aspects:

First of all, the external factors of the website.

Domain names and servers are external factors. External forces do not affect website content. Domain age and server status affect ranking. Baidu ranks stability. In the few examples above, domain name URL weight is crucial. Why several websites may rank Domain names and url weights are important.

Second, the website’s own factors.

Here, we mainly refer to the internal factors such as the structure and content of the website that we can control. The content in the famous saying “Content is king, and external links are king” that has been widely circulated in the seo circle is actually mainly includes the website’s own factors we are talking about here. This factor is very important. It can even be said that it is now an important factor affecting rankings.

Here we subdivide the factors of the website itself into search engine preference factors and content factors that meet user experience. If these two factors are combined and extended, we can even explore how search engines determine web pages. weight size.

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