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From Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday, how to prepare for the “post-Christmas” golden period of winter sales?

From Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday, how to prepare for the “post-Christmas” golden period of winter sales?


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After most cross-border sellers ended the “Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday” sales season, it almost indicated that their entire sales this year had come to an end, partly because the adaptation problem may continue until Christmas. But in fact, nearly one month after Christmas is still the golden period of year-end sales.

From Google statistics, it can be seen that from December 1, 2021, to January 15, 2022, the year-end retail-related searches of overseas consumers did not decrease but increased. For example, related searches in the United States during this time period increased by 4.5%, Poland increased by 8.2%, and Australia increased by 7.4%.

So in the face of the still high-demand overseas market, which one category more potential?

1. 2022 Black Friday Cyber ​​Monday consumption insights in major global markets

According to Google ads Data from 2019 shows that across all categories this year, sports and fitness, automotive, and beauty performed well across the globe. Japan, Germany, Spain, Italy and Turkey all outperformed other countries. Demand in the U.S. market, traditionally the largest e-commerce market, remained unchanged from last year.

However, there are obvious differences when looking at the specific sub-categories.

The data of Google advertising can be summarized as follows:

1. Apparel: 

The largest market is still the United States, and the demand is basically the same as that in 2021. In addition, the demand in Europe and Southeast Asia has the fastest growth rate this year. Specifically, all subcategories performed well, with a few exceptions (eg jewellery); outerwear finally started to pick up.

2. Beauty & Personal Care : 

Double-digit growth in most markets; fragrance, nail care, and cosmetics are booming.

3. Sports & Fitness : 

The growth of sportswear with specific needs functions is higher than that of clothing covering general needs. also

4. Toy & Games, Pets & Animals :

The company’s results were mixed, with demand for dolls still decelerating in several markets, while stuffed toys and radio-controlled toys performed well across the board.

5. Home & Garden: 

Searches during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in the U.S. market decreased compared with last year, while those in Japan, Europe, and Turkey increased; in terms of sub-categories, kitchen, bedding, and laundry categories were listed in multiple markets (for example, in Europe) market) has grown. Here we focus on the energy category. Batteries, solar panels, and pet batteries performed well in most North American and European countries, but home&garden showed negative growth in the United States as a whole and performed slightly better in EU countries.

6. 3C category: 

Growth in Japan and Turkey is better than in other markets. TV and small home appliances are sub-categories with better growth during Black Friday and Cyber ​​1st.

7. Automobile and motorcycle parts: 

It has shown growth in many markets. Except for the North American market, it has mainly shown a growth trend in other major markets; among them, the growth of auto parts is most common in multiple target markets.

2. How to prepare for the “post-Christmas” retail consumer market

We might as well make a prediction from the search situation of overseas users in the same period last year (December 1-January 15). Video games, footwear, mobile phones, and home furniture were the categories that received the most attention during this time last year, according to Google Ads data; apparel saw the highest growth rate during the 2021 holiday season. 

Specifically, it can be expressed as follows:

1. Coats and perfumes account for 20% of the year’s sales in the six weeks during the holidays;

2. Toys and games exceed the average level during the holidays, and 20% of the annual searches in 10 sub-categories come from these 6 weeks;

It can be seen that in the short period of 6 weeks, the sales of many categories will actually have explosive growth, and it can be seen that many overseas users will stagger the time of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday when packages are crowded, and choose Christmas or even later time to search and place an order.

So, how can Chinese sellers seize this wave of new business opportunities?

Whether you cover the global market with the same third-party platform, or through independent station. Wait until you only deeply cultivate a certain area, and don’t blindly burn money in advertising. To this end, Google Ads provides some references for sellers:

1. As the largest market in the United States, advertising for clothing, home gardening, etc. has entered an oversaturated state this year, while sports, toys, and pets are still in the blue ocean stage. It can be said that the sports, toys, and pet categories are in the blue ocean stage of launch in all countries, and the overall launch of Japan, Western European countries, Turkey, Indonesia, and other countries are in the blue ocean stage.

2. Fashion:

 Black Friday in the United States has entered into fierce competition. Although the demand is rising, the advertising efforts are greater than before, leading to a red sea in the market; Japan has a high degree of blue ocean in all categories. From the perspective of categories, women’s clothing is popular in Europe, Japan, and Southeast Asia and is still in the blue ocean stage. In terms of countries, Japan, Europe (France, Italy, Turkey), and Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam) are still in the blue ocean market; in terms of categories, ethnic style clothing is still in the blue ocean market, trousers, shoes, accessories are in Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asia is still in the blue ocean stage.

3. beauty:

 In terms of countries, Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asia are in the blue ocean market. In terms of categories, skincare, fragrance, and hair care are basically in the blue ocean stage in various markets, and color cosmetics are in the blue ocean stage in Japan, Europe, and Indonesia.

4. Sports & Fitness : 

The sports category is in the blue ocean stage of launch in various countries, among which the sports products in the sub-category are even more blue ocean, while the launch of sportswear is close to the red ocean.

5. Toy: 

The market of stuffed toys, dress-up dolls, and animation figures is in the blue ocean stage.

6. Home & garden: 

The Japanese, European and Turkish markets are in a relatively blue ocean stage, while the North American market, especially in furniture, kitchen, and bedding categories, is highly competitive.

7. 3C: 

The Japanese, Southeast Asian, and Turkish markets are in a relatively blue ocean stage. Although the search volume for games and peripherals has decreased compared with last year, advertising investment has also decreased significantly, and the blue ocean has increased. The blue ocean of TV, small home appliances, and mobile phones are relatively high.

8. Automobile and motorcycle parts: 

The overall blue ocean of automobile and motorcycle parts is relatively high, and major markets such as Europe, America, and Japan are in a blue ocean state; the auto parts industry is a blue ocean higher than other subcategories.

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