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Top 5 Best Taobao Agents Of 2022

Top 5 Best Taobao Agents Of 2022


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Alibaba owns Taobao, which is China’s largest online shopping site. It has more than 1 billion product listings, and each year it handles transactions worth trillions of yuan. For people outside China, you can find Taobao agents to help you to enjoy buying from Taobao.

The platform is easy to use and has a very good logistics service. I’m sure you can find almost any kind of product at a really good price on just one platform.

Can I use Taobao when I’m not in China? Yes, but only kind of. There is a version of Taobao that is just for people who live outside of China. But it doesn’t do well when it comes to localization, and I think the user experience is much worse than in the Chinese version. So, if you can’t read and write Chinese, you probably won’t be able to see the best of Taobao and will find it hard to order directly on Taobao.

That’s why Taobao has agents.

What Is Taobao Agent?

A Taobao agent can be any person, business, or group. They buy things from Taobao.com for other people or businesses in exchange for a fee.

Also, Taobao agents help buyers find, buy, and check goods on the site. Here are the top 5 Taobao agents who can make it easy for you to find products.

Top 5 Best Taobao Agents in China


taobao agents

Fulfillmen is one of the biggest supply chain companies that was founded in Hong Kong in 2013. Having a facility in Shenzhen, Shaoxin, Huizhou, Hong Kong.

More than 3000 square meters big warehouse in Huizhou City, Advance shipment purchasing and sorting system can handle more than 20K orders daily.



No Hiden Cost

Product inspection with pictures prove

Advanced sorting and sourcing system

Full English customers support

Collect all products and ship them together at a very good rate

2. Leeline Sourcing


In 2009, Leeline Sourcing was founded in Hong Kong. It is regarded as one of China’s top-performing and most reliable Taobao agents. They manage to export and provide consultation for imports. They also offer a variety of additional practical services, many of which are currently hard to come by.

Product sourcing services are provided by Leeline Sourcing to small, medium, and large-scale businesses. This Taobao agent has been working for more than ten years. As a result, you can relax knowing that your company is in capable hands.


Focus on both small and large importers: Leeline Sourcing will help you regardless of how many things you plan to import.

Fortunately, this Taobao Agent does not charge any upfront or hidden costs.

Product inspection: Leeline Sourcing conducts a careful product check prior to exporting your products, ensuring that your customers receive high-quality goods.


Services could take longer than anticipated: Occasionally, they might require a little more time to source some of the products.

3. Cssbuy


Cssbuy may be the best option if you’re looking for the least expensive Taobao agent that is also dependable and trustworthy. You have a lot of options thanks to the vast selection of shipping options offered by this agent. Despite being the cheapest Taobao agent, Cssbuy’s shipping services are extremely dependable.

The exchange rates offered by this Taobao agent may have some hidden costs, but they are the lowest you will discover. Not to mention that they will only take about 3% of what you make as payment. But remember that they don’t offer customer service around the clock.


Very affordable shipping: Cssbuy offers what are likely the most affordable shipping options. Nevertheless, they work with trustworthy couriers like DHL and SF-express.

Numerous shipping alternatives: There are a lot of affordable shipping options available as well.

Low exchange rate: Cssbuy may have some additional costs, but they are still the most affordable option.


There isn’t a customer care line open 24/7; it only operates during specific hours. They are, nevertheless, very receptive.

4. Bhiner


Bhiner is a qualified Taobao agent who assists foreign customers in placing orders on Taobao.com. This agent’s main goal is to make shopping quick and easy for the customer. Along with simplicity, their other top qualities are responsiveness and risk reduction (quality checking).

The diversity of payment options offered by Bhiner is one of its main benefits. Additionally, you can save up to 40% on certain of those shipping alternatives, which is a really uncommon offer these days. They accept PayPal, bank transfers, Western Union, MoneyGram, and credit cards.


Not an excessively high service price: Bhiner is pretty reasonable with a fee of 5% compared to some other agents who demand a service fee of over 8%.

Bhiner accepts a number of payment options, including PayPal, bank transfers, Western Union, and MoneyGram.

Discount on some delivery options: Bhiner offers up to a 40% discount on some shipping alternatives, which is a significant benefit.


Website design isn’t the best: Although a website may have a contemporary design, some customers may find it challenging to comprehend how it operates.

5. 42agent


This business was among the earliest Taobao agents and was established back in 2011. Their warehouse is in Beijing, China, and it was formerly known as Taobaoring. One of the most crucial things you should be aware of regarding their business is that their cost structure is rather transparent and easy to understand.

There are no extra costs or anything of the sort. On the 42agent website, every charge, service, shipping method, and payment option is clearly listed. Additionally, their customer service is helpful and responsive. They support Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Email, and other platforms, and they often respond within 24 hours.


Explicit charge structure: This Taobao agency, unlike many others, offers a very transparent and clear fee system. Their website includes a complete breakdown of all the services and costs they provide.

Excellent customer service: The support staff is not just warm and responsive, but also really quick. They support every platform, including Facebook and Email, as well as Skype and Whatsapp.


Old-fashioned website design: Their website has a very simple and archaic look.

Questions and Answers

Does Taobao offer US shipping?

Undoubtedly, Taobao ships to the US. You can use the shipping option known as Taobao Worldwide Consolidation and Shipping to acquire things from the global Taobao marketplace with ease.

Why do I need a Taobao agent to shop?

Agents on Taobao can help you skip a lot of ordering difficulty and save money on overseas shipping. They greatly reduce the cost of and greatly enhance the pleasure of your shopping experience.

Are the things on Taobao of high quality?

Despite being somewhat affordable, Taobao.com’s products are not of inferior quality. If you have enough Taobao purchasing experience, you will be able to find a wide variety of high-quality products at affordable costs.


Since serving foreign customers, particularly those who don’t speak Chinese is what Taobao agents do best, their websites feature excellent English user interfaces. Use a Taobao agent without a doubt if you intend to purchase items from Taobao. To make your life easier, they offer a variety of shipping and shopping options.

Finding a China Sourcing Agent

Different sourcing agents have different strengths. To fully gain from them, find respectable liaisons. Cheap Chinese imports are risky.

To meet retailer requirements, work with an expert sourcing agent. Before signing a deal, check a sourcing agent’s credentials. Check their location, operating years, and Chinese and English skills. If feasible, interview the sourcing agent.

Retailers can buy goods themselves. This option can disfavor eCommerce stores, especially newer ones. A sourcing agent can get your organization the best prices on trustworthy goods. They eliminate business risks.

Interested in the global supply chain? Contact Fulfillmen to offer your firm an edge in eCommerce.

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