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1. What is FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) By Amazon, you store goods there. Amazon automatically ships if there’s an order. Amazon charges 15% of your fee if you ship the goods yourself but 30% if you use FBA. FBA is beneficial. FBA saves you time and storage problems, so customers prefer it.

Amazon has fulfillment centers across the U.S. After finding the goods themselves, Amazon FBA sellers send them to Amazon’s warehouse, and then 95% of the work (shipping, etc.) is done by Amazon. If the customer returns, it’s returned to Amazon, not the seller. The customer can return the item(s) using the shipping label provided by Amazon. When returned goods arrive at Amazon’s warehouse, the seller can choose to have Amazon mail them to him.

2. How much does FBA cost?

FBA allows sellers to ship to an Amazon warehouse. Amazon handles sales, inventory, shipping, customer service, and returns. 45 cents to $1.35 per unit; $39.99 per month for a Professional account.

3. How long is FBA shipping?

Amazon takes 2-6 days to process FBA shipments after they are delivered. Amazon scans and sells inventory in days.

4. How to ship Your Products From China to FBA

Below are four basic shipping methods.

Transport times and costs vary. Your product’s weight determines the shipping method. If you need it quickly, you can use UPS, DHL, or FedEx, but the cost is high. If your goods weigh less than 21kg, choose international Express. From 21kg to 100kg, choose air transport. If your products weigh 100kg or more, shipping by sea or train will save you money.

4.1 Express Transportation

Express takes  2-4 business days. Fast to U.S. and Europe. Shipments status is checkable. But it is costly and will increase your sales cost. 5000 determines dimensional weight (if the dimension weight is large, dimensional weight will be charged). Liquids, batteries, powder products, and more are restricted.

You can ship from China to the Amazon warehouse using many Express companies. Customs clearance and tariffs are important. Shipped to the U.S., goods under $800 are exempt from customs duties and clearance fees.

E.U. tariffs low-value products. If shipped to the U.K., a value over 15 pounds will be taxed. To E.U. countries, goods worth more than 20 euros require customs duties.

Let’s discuss FedEx, UPS, and DHL. FedEx, They are an American company. If your product is shipped to the U.S., FedEx and UPS are better at customs clearance. If you’re shipping to Europe, DHL is easier to clear. however, Most customers will choose DHL because it’s cheaper than FedEx and UPS.

Our U.S. shipments clear customs and travel quickly. DHL is best.

4.2 Sea shipping  

Sea transport is essential to Amazon’s FBA warehouse.

Cheap and can load very large. Long time, high navigation risk, inaccurate sailing date, and weather-prone.

Sea transport will save you money if you buy many products from China and ship them to the Amazon warehouse. Before choosing sea shipping, check Amazon’s inventory because it takes 35 days.

4.3 Air shipping

Over 21 kilograms can be shipped by air. Because of Customs, air transport is less convenient than express delivery.

Customs clearance and duties are now part of air transportation from China to the Amazon warehouse. Find a Chinese FBA freight company to handle your products; shipping costs include customs clearance and duties. We’ll save time.

Air transport is 10 days slower than Express, but it depends on your freight forwarder’s flight.

From China to Amazon’s U.S. warehouse: 10-12 days (including customs clearance)

From China to Amazon Canada: 12 days (including customs clearance)

Europe-China (UK, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Spain) 13 days from Amazon warehouse (including customs clearance)

4.4 Train shipping  

Only China-to-Europe shipments use trains. Trains and ocean shipments to Amazon warehouse cost about the same. China-bound Amazon shipments to Europe take 30 days. Trains are safer than ships. When shipping to Europe, most customers choose the train.

Europe-China (UK, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Spain) Amazon warehouse: 25 days (including customs clearance)

Shipping to FBA from China has 4 options.

By Express, by sea, by air, and by train, Since China to FBA shipment is famous, so there are more upgrade shipments and more convenience for the seller to use, Shipping by sea and local truck delivery, shipping by air, and delivery with local Express.

5 easy ways to ship from China to the US FBA-Amazon

5. Customs and Amazon certification

what certificate amazon need

5.1 Certification required by customs

Customs may require product certification when clearing goods. Customs may detain, fine, or even destroy your product without it. Know what product certification you need to pass customs (this is very important). NO JOKE Reduce risk.

Typical U.S., Canadian, and European imports that require certification are listed below.

For the USA

FCC-certified products

FDA-certified food, cosmetics, drugs, biological agents, medical equipment, and radioactive products

U.L. Certification — like LED lights, Wifi plugs, power adapters, Wall chargers…etc.

ETL Certification — like LED lights, Wifi plugs, power adapters, Wall chargers…etc.

CPC-Toy BQB-Bluetooth

For Canada:

CSC Certification — High-voltage, safety-related products

CUL-certified high-voltage and safety products

ETL-certified high-voltage and safety products

IC Certification — TV, IT, radio, telecom, etc.

CCPSA-Toy BQB-Bluetooth

For Europe:

CE-certified products

Electronics and equipment Rosh-certified

E-MARK Certification: Car safety, noise, etc.

Bluetooth product BQB-certified

5.2 Amazon required certification

Amazon sellers must know if they need product certifications. Amazon’s product regulations would close the listing if we didn’t comply.

2019 Amazon sells fidget spinners. Many sellers have shipped fidget spinners from China to Amazon warehouses. But they didn’t consult Amazon when purchasing products. When a seller sends a product to Amazon FBA, Amazon requires ASTM F963-16 and Sor / 2011-17 certification in Canada. Many sellers couldn’t provide these proofs, causing them to lose money.

Amazon authentication is crucial. When buying a product in China, we must check with Amazon about certification or special requirements.

6. Amazon’s requirements for product barcodes and box

Before shipping to Amazon FBA, we must understand their product and box requirements. Amazon warehouse regulations apply to all packaging and boxes. They will only accept your product if we meet their requirements. Amazon needs to know who owns a product with the correct FBA label.

6.1 Product label

Amazon requires product labels. Amazon Warehouse scans FNSKU tags when products are delivered to store them correctly.

6.1.1 FNSKU label:

Each Amazon package needs an FNSKU label. Amazon can’t identify your product without the FNSKU label, so you can’t sell it there.

You can download the FNSKU label after creating a product on Amazon’s backend.

6.1.2 Suffocation Label:

If you pack your product in an OPP bag, ensure it’s larger than 5 inches. Amazon must require a “suffocation” label on OPP bags larger than 5 inches. Amazon won’t let you sell OPP bag packaging without a “suffocation” label. 

6.2 Shipping label

Creating a “Shipping Plan” on Amazon’s background is required to ship to their warehouse. The master box label is downloadable. You can download, print, and attach a box label after downloading. Amazon will reject your package if this label is missing. Amazon requires 2 labels per box.

6.3 Amazon Requirements: Box Size and Weight

Amazon has box size and weight requirements. Amazon may find, reject, or warn you if you don’t comply.

Master box sides can’t exceed 25 inches.

A box can’t weigh more than 50 lbs. you need to attach A “Team Lift” label to boxes over 50 lbs. Mech Lift labels must be attached to boxes over 100 lbs.


Amazon may warn first-time buyers. Amazon may reject your product a second time. If your product exceeds the above requirements, contact Amazon.

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