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How to search for keywords that customers pay attention

How to search for keywords that customers pay attention


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Make sure your own products have a wide range of features, and talk to and interact with your customers to keep improving and upgrading your products. If you want to connect with your customers, you should find out what matters to them.

Companies that make surfboards have found through research that their target customers are not born to be consumers. Instead,

They are driven by other interests and values:

1) Lifestyle

2) The desire to surf

3) Group activities for people who love to surf

The company takes advantage of this enthusiasm and interest by letting people know that it supports surfing community events and causes.

To find out what your target customers care about most and get them to connect with you, you need to study their hobbies.

Follow blogs, groups, communities, and social media chats to find out what people are interested in, and then give them what they want. And these are the main reasons why people buy our products without thinking about how much they cost.

Where do customers of an audience find their favorite topics?

This can be done by using Facebook.

Do a hashtag and topic-based graph search on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit to find out which news sources your ideal buyers trust.

Get to the heart of the matter by looking at the subject matter of the news feed and expressing the content that users most want to see and how it makes them feel, so that the right customers can be reached.

Through related searches on Facebook, we can find out which keywords Facebook users are looking for. We can then use these keywords in just the right way in our own posts so that Facebook will show the correct rankings.

As we’ve already said, we need to use Facebook Insight, which is a tool for analyzing an audience, to find out when our own potential Facebook users look at posts. This way, we can publish relevant posts at the right time to reach the right people.

First of all, we need to understand that the logic behind this is that keywords show who the audience is, no matter who they are. If we want to reach the audience, we must first test the right keywords.

Find out what keywords users with a lot of traffic like to search for, and use Facebook Insights to see which words can bring good traffic to your Facebook homepage.

Using Google to find people to target

By looking through Google’s suggestions, we can find out what people usually look for when they search for a certain keyword.

Google Keywords planner is a good tool for mining these kinds of bidding words. It is also the best way to figure out what users want by looking at their bid words.

Who is using social media?

We can also find these keywords on popular foreign social media sites like Quora, Reddit, and others and put them in order. These keywords are, of course, collected, and not just on Facebook but also on other social media sites.

When we want to search, we have to start mining from the core keywords so that we can add a lot of details and the keyword titles up front.

The fact that it is at the top of the list shows that users must want it. We can use these keywords perfectly on the Facebook homepage using this method.

Get people to watch your videos on YouTube

Youtube is also the second biggest search engine, and a lot of people who don’t speak English like to use it to find answers. Using the natural effect well is a good thing, of course. If you don’t have time to do a video search, the search terms above are also a gold mine.

First of all, using big words to find small words that come from them is an old trick. We can find out what is most important to the user. Then you can put the content in a way that makes sense based on these keywords.

Using video lists to find out what keywords people use

You can look at the keywords above and write them down. You can see that not only do these titles have keywords, but they also do a great job of meeting the needs of users. If you collect them and use them well, you will get good results for sure.

Getting keywords from video comments left by viewers

With those comments of high praise, we can also change the direction to find out what users really want. Through these needs, we can also combine the needs of other users to make content that explodes.

Find out what keywords people use by looking at shopping websites

By looking at what people buy on shopping websites, we can find out what words people care about and what products they buy. It’s still very important to know what these words mean.

Through these words, we can find out which keywords correspond to the products that users want to search for, so it is very important to understand these words if you want to do cross-border e-commerce.

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