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How to Create an Effective Ebay Listing

How to Create an Effective Ebay Listing


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 Effective Ebay Listing
FILE PHOTO: The eBay app is seen on a smartphone in this illustration taken, July 13, 2021. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

If your product listings in Ebay are well-done, buyers will be more likely to look through them and make a purchase. So, beautiful listing editors are just as important as high-quality products when it comes to many high-selling products. First, a listing has three parts: listing information, selling information, and shipping information.

Now let’s look at the product information in the listing detail.

First, on eBay.com, select Create listing under the listing tab. In “Tell us what you’re selling,” put “ladies dress.” eBay will display you the matching product category below the input field. Choose the proper category to proceed, or click “Get started” to skip this step. Then.

Next, we went into the interface for publishing listings officially. The first is listing detail, which means changing information about a product.


The title of an eBay listing can have up to 80 characters, so sellers can add basic product details and relevant search keywords. If the title keyword isn’t adequate, add 55 characters using the paid feature subtitle. A catchy product name can boost sales and brand awareness.

For the title name, you can use this formula: (Brand) + (Hard Needs of User) + (Core Words of Product) + (Feature Words of Product) + (Soft Needs of User)


Buyers are more likely to look at your product pages if they have good photos to look at. The item photos are just as important as the quality of many of the best-selling products. High-quality images not only help you sell more, but they also make your listings look better in search results, on item view pages, and on mobile devices. You can add up to 12 free window photos and videos to your listings to show off the details of your products from all angles.

eBay has a special rule about how product window photos should be taken. Please, sellers, follow these rules:

Image Policy

  • The picture’s pixels are between 500 and 1600, and its size can’t be more than 7MB.
  • Used, refurbished, or damaged items can’t use images from a new product.
  • There is no store logo, advertising, or advertising text.
  • There are no lines, shading, pictures, or icons.
  • Take your own pictures, don’t steal them.

If the seller breaks the rules about images, eBay may take down the listing or do something else to punish them.

Properties that are unique to an item

Perfect item attributes make it easy for buyers to figure out the brand, size, color, etc. of a product quickly and easily. These details can help buyers accurately filter their needs when looking for products. They will also be shown in the listing description in a way that makes them easy to understand. It is recommended that sellers give as much information as possible about the item. This will help the item get more attention and be searched for more often on eBay.

Item description

Here, you can tell your potential customers about the products you sell by giving them full and accurate information about them. For mobile users, your detailed description might need to be less fancy and more straightforward.

 Effective Ebay Listing

Tips to Create an Effective Ebay Listing

  • Try not to use too many colors or fonts that are hard to read.
  • Give answers to frequently asked questions to help buyers solve problems they might have before they decide to buy.
  • List the store’s policies, such as its policies on payment and collection, logistics, and returns.
  • Show your working hours (in your local time zone) and how long it will take you to respond to a buyer’s email after receiving it.
  • Sellers can also add videos to item descriptions to show how their brand is perceived or to show details about the product and how to use it.

I think that if you do the things above, you can make your first good listing!

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