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Reasons that Can Lead to Amazon Account Suspension

Reasons that Can Lead to Amazon Account Suspension


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Amazon Account Suspension

Here are the reasons that can lead to Amazon Account suspension:

Connection to an account

The term “account association” means that the same site is linked to the same account.


A person or business can only have one Amazon account, according to the rules. If Amazon uses technical tools to monitor and check different data, match related factors, and find that a seller has more than 2 Amazon accounts, these accounts will be considered to be linked.

Account Infringement

This is the most common situation in business, and it’s also the one where new sellers make the most mistakes. Most sellers don’t do detailed research on the product before they start selling it.

At some point, you will cross the line. If you step on a patent for an appearance, an invention, or a trademark right, it will be a big pit, and can lead to your amazon account suspension.

The account is closed because of the KYC check.

According to the rules set by European regulators, Amazon is required to do a company and owner identity check on European platform (including the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.) sellers who open a store (referred to as KYC audit). After being checked out by the European verification team, sellers can only sell on the European platform. To do this, sellers must fill out the necessary information honestly and upload the necessary documents when they sign up and through the seller’s backstage after they sign up. The store will also be blocked if the KYC review fails.

Poor Amazon Performance

The performance indicator is a rule for how third-party sellers should act. Amazon uses the performance indicator to figure out which sellers are good, average, or bad.

The main reasons for closing an account are the rate of order defects, the rate of order cancellations, and the rate of late shipments. Rate of returns and rate of unhappy customers with customer service are not hard to measure for seller accounts.

Order Defect Rate: 1%, Cancellation Rate Before Shipment: 2.5%, Delay Rate: 4%, and Invoice Delay Rate: 3%.

Non-Compliance with the regulations

Amazon cares a lot about how people use its products. So, some of the products consumers get will be old or broken because of non-human and unpredictable factors during the sales process. This will also affect how consumers feel about their experience. Because of this, AZ and negative comments from customers are received. The attitude and results of after-sales service will also be used by Amazon to judge the business.

Review Manipulation

This is the ban from Amazon. Sellers can’t buy reviews or give discounts or free stuff in exchange for good ones. Amazon has strict rules to make sure that reviews are real, and sellers are not allowed to change reviews in any way.

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