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How to avoid your Facebook Account being blocked?

How to avoid your Facebook Account being blocked?


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Facebook Account management is getting stricter, and more common topics for cross-border sellers include Facebook account bans. Account bans must have happened to a lot of sellers. So how can we keep from getting kicked out? Today, I’ll tell you more about it.

The login device shouldn’t have to be changed out often.

One of the most common reasons why Facebook bans people is that they change their login devices too often. So, if you don’t want your Facebook account to be blocked, the easiest and most effective way to do so is to use a device to log in. This way, the IP address won’t be strange, the environment won’t be strange, and the account won’t be marked as belonging to a suspicious user.

It’s not a good idea to use the same device to sign in to more than one account.

A person can’t have more than one Facebook account. The platform will keep an eye out for unusual activities, like logging in and out of different accounts a lot.

Registered devices shouldn’t be used on devices that have already been blocked.

If your computer has ever signed up for an account and been blocked, you must use a different computer and clear your browser when you sign up.

Adding friends often is not a good idea.

Facebook has limits on how many friends you can add, so it’s not a good idea to add friends all the time. Facebook limits how many friends you may add, so add friends sparingly. Too frequent refusals to add or user complaints can prompt the platform to remind, reprimand, and ban the account.

Inviting friends to join the group isn’t good for a lot of things.

If you invite a lot of friends to join the group in a short amount of time, Facebook will send you a message. If you choose to ignore it, it’s easy to get kicked out of the group, so don’t add a lot of friends in a short amount of time.

It’s not a good idea to send a lot of messages to people you don’t know.

Sending messages isn’t usually a crime, but if you send a lot of messages to strangers, it’s easy for users to get upset, report you, and your account could be closed. Instead, it’s best to send messages to strangers rarely or regularly.

Make sure the content is unique.

If you share content with other people, the platform will mark you. Do not use other people’s words, pictures, or videos as your own. If you see the user’s report, you are more likely to be banned. So, it’s best to publish videos, photos, articles, and other content in their original form.

Don’t post anything that breaks the rules of the community, breaks the law, or bothers other people.

Violence, drugs, pornography, racial discrimination, religion, and other sensitive or illegal topics will get an account immediately banned from Facebook. This is because it is against Facebook’s rules.

Make sure hackers can’t get into your Facebook account.

If your account is hacked, Facebook will think it is fake and you may get banned for using it to send spam. It is important to keep your account safe and avoid having it hacked, or if it is hacked, change your password. After that, set a new password as soon as possible.

Fill out your real and professional information.

The more complete, professional, and honest the information on Facebook is, the safer the account is and the less likely it is that the account will be blocked. Fill out as much true and complete personal information as you can.

Checking for safety

After making an account, it’s best to add 3–5 close friends as “trusted contacts” and add mobile phone security verification. This will make the account more secure.

Clear the computer’s IP address and sign up for a new number

If you have logged into other blocked accounts on your computer before, it is recommended that you clear your records before registering a new Facebook account.

If your Facebook account is really blocked by accident, don’t worry too much. Even if an account is blocked, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be used again. We can do this instead:

  1. Apply using the email address and cell phone number you used to sign up.
  2. Unblock through documents related to your ID, but when you sign up, you need to have real information.
  3. If you have already added verified friend photos and contacts, your friends can help you unblock them.
  4. If it is unblocked for good, we can give the officialappealUnblock link to people who want to appeal. Or the official customer service sent an email to reply to the complaint letter.

Facebook is important for cross-border sellers to use as a marketing channel, but sellers’ Facebook accounts are often blocked, which will affect operations. I want to remind all sellers to be careful and keep their behavior in check so they don’t get in trouble.

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