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How to write a Strong Tiktok Title

How to write a Strong Tiktok Title


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With more users, more content is flooding onto the site every day, resulting in more high-quality content.

A strong title can assist the video catch the user’s attention and prompt them to view it, increasing video playback and the official recommendation. probability. operation TikTok Personnel must also optimize the title to allow users to open the door.

1. Tiktok Title

TikTok titles can’t be longer than 150 characters, and you can tag videos with “#” on the right side of the title edit box.

The title of a TikTok short video usually describes its subject, so viewers may easily decide whether to watch it. TikTok titles should be concise, convey vital information first, and be clear so users can grasp them quickly.

2. Title display

TikTok video display methods are split into video cover and complete video.

Cover Video

The operator extracts the video’s essential content as the title and shows it on the cover so fans can instantly select a video to watch on their personal homepage.

Consider @bestandfirst geek’s TikTok account. This account targets Indonesian digital enthusiasts. Mainly smart home appliances are posted.


The video’s title appears throughout to encourage viewers to pay attention to its theme and key idea.

Example: “When James saw his son play basketball.” The first part of the video is uninteresting, but the second half is great. The title encourages viewers to be patient so they don’t switch off the video in the first half. The plot-driver.

4. Writing a title

  • Capture “curiosity”

When taking the title, operators can ask questions, persuade users to watch the video, and provide answers from the video to increase completion and interaction rates.

@bestandfirst my marketed the Morrorart T1 with the headline “Is this a speaker, a mural, or a TV?” to persuade users to watch the video.

  • user “pain points”

When establishing a video title, operators can emphasize that the video can help target users solve problems and provide practical life suggestions, which will attract many interested viewers.

  1. Problem-solving

Headline tips:

Daily problem + fast fix


“XX issue?” Quickly solve it”\

2. “Don’t panic when XX difficulties arise; one trick will help”

2Special Type

Headline tips:

Share fan-needed tips, tricks, and products.


  1. “Xxx only tells”

“XX goods are exclusive”

3. Fast-realizing

Headline tips:

Fast, simple results


“XX in 2 steps”

“XX takes a minute”

4. Knowledge

Headline tips:

Positive Words = Success


“Businessmen must have XXX”

“If you must XX, XX”

Since TikTok videos are short, smooth, and fast, operators must be able to swiftly address users’ problems, capture users’ pain points in a short amount of time, and let users feel the practicability of videos, consequently enhancing video interactions such as forwarding, collecting, etc. Rate.

  • Choose-your-own-questions

When crafting titles, operators might utilize multiple-choice questions to solicit user suggestions, which increases video popularity. In the brief e-commerce video, operators throw out themes that everyone is interested in or combine marketing nodes to encourage users to make choices, such as “Which color lipstick should I wear on a date?,” Ramadan promotion, which of these three computers is the king of cost performance?,” and more.

  • “Empower” users

The event’s perks are irresistible. Super-value discounts, welfare prices, etc., can draw users’ interest and bring more viewers to short videos and live events.

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