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The full secrets of the actual operation of the TikTok store group with the delivery order!

The full secrets of the actual operation of the TikTok store group with the delivery order!


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tiktok store group

“What is Tiktok Store Group Why make a group of stores? How does the store group for TikTok work? This article explains what affiliate marketing is and how it works.”

Tiktok store group used to be very popular in the circle, and most sellers wanted to know what was going on. In fact, the core of store group gameplay is the affiliate marketing of the seller’s backstage. With store group gameplay and experts bringing goods, the order rate of small stores, the chance of making explosive models, and the conversion rate can all be improved.

You will learn the following from this article:

  • what is the TikTtk Store group?
  • Why make a group of stores?
  • How does the store group for TikTok work?


What is Tiktok Store Group?

People who work in e-commerce have been using store groups for a long time. The “store group,” as the name suggests, is a group of different stores. Merchants will build large-scale stores in batches, standardize operations using SOPs, and employ batch copying and uploading to use many stores and products with the group as the hub. It can be thought of as “casting a wide net” to get as much traffic and market share as possible.

Electronic business platform store groups in many domestic and foreign

Playing is now varied. In the TikTok Shop, the store group is largely alliance-brought goods. By inviting and passively seeking skilled people, we acquire a lot of commodities. This lets us split up the store group.

Here’s a rundown for first-time sellers who haven’t started yet: what is affiliate marketing for TikTok? How to find the person in the alliance who brings the goods?

After clicking the account in the background center, merchants who have applied for TikTokShop can go straight to the “Alliance Bringing Goods” page in the upper left corner of the Merchant Center’s home page.

The store group + expert delivery model has four main benefits:

Get the word out about the platform

When compared to a single popular SKU, creating multiple popular single product links in a single store can increase the chance of intercepting platform traffic. But a single store still has a limited number of explosion models it can make. At this time, you need to use the store group method to create multiple explosion models through the Combo of “multiple stores + a large number of talents bringing goods” to catch more platform traffic. to make it more likely that users will see a single product.

Lower the risk of running a single store

people think that Amazon and Other e-commerce companies that use platforms know that you can’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Once the top store, which took many years of hard work to build, starts getting complaints, demotions, or even bans, it will be very expensive and time-consuming to build a new one. So, a multi-store layout is also a strategy that a lot of companies will use to spread out the risks of their investments.

Use keywords and make it more likely that something will go wrong.

By adding more stores and popular SKUs, customers are more likely to see our products when they: (1) search for keywords in related categories; and (2) swipe through short videos and live broadcasts of goods being delivered by people. There are probabilities of things.

Improve the quality of materials and the rate of conversion

There is no limit on how many merchants can bring goods for us, and they can choose from a wide range of high-quality and vertical people. Affiliate marketing can save merchants money compared to building live broadcast rooms and teams for goods, which can increase the number of sales.

How does the Tiktok store group work?

Get in touch with experts

A. Go to the store’s backstage and look for “My Account,” “Bind TikTok Account,” and “Bind New TikTok Account.

B. Type in the TikTok username or TikTok UID to send a binding invitation, but pay special attention to:

  • The account holder is older than 18
  • “The account is in good shape.”
  • The country where the account is located is the same country where the store is located.

Sign up for the affiliate program and look for people to work with.

Merchants can find the right people to promote their products by joining the TikTok Shop affiliate program. Please note that short videos and live broadcasts won’t be open to products that haven’t joined the alliance.

The Alliance Brings Goods to the Merchant Center


The three plans are:

Open plan

All experts in the alliance can see the open plan and can apply to bring goods for the goods they want. After the merchant approves the application, the experts can start planning how to bring the goods.

Orientation Plan

Merchants can ask certain experts to help bring goods, and experts can start bringing goods as soon as they accept the invitation from the merchant.

Store Plan

In the Merchant Center, a merchant can set a single commission rate for all products.

The commission rate is shown in the following order: Targeted Plan > Public Plan > Store Plan.

We should focus on the [public plan] and the [targeted plan] to make sure that the products are actively found and brought by more experts without having to send invitations or do other tasks. Also, it’s important to note that experts can’t see the store’s goods until the [Public Plan] is set.

Let me show you how to open a plan by using the open plan as an example:

  1. Plan Management – Public Plan – New Public Plan
  2. Editing commission rate (usually not less than 10%), free sample plan (such as support, will incur costs such as postage). Lastly, press “Submit” to make a creation that works.
  3. If the master is interested in the plan and applies to bring the goods, you can see all the applications in [Manage Master Application]. Make sure to process it on time.
  4. We can also ask people who bring goods to Daren Square to join us. If there is contact information, check it to see if you can talk to them offline. If the contact information is not shown on the master, click “Invite.”

[Special Reminder]: Please invite the right people.

  1. Each week, you can only invite up to 20 different talents.
  2. You can only invite the same person once a week.

You can choose between fixed commission and commission settlement after clicking the invitation (you can choose both).

Fixed commission: Ask people who are good at promoting to work with you on a fixed commission.

Commission settlement: Ask experts to work with you to promote the goods in exchange for a commission based on how well the goods do.

Next, decide if you want to offer free samples and information about invitations.

When you send a message, make sure the words you use are kind, appropriate, and right. I’ll give you an English example to use as a guide:

Dear XXX (calling the name of the person is convenient for getting closer),

I’m XXX (your English name). Nice to e-meet you! I’m texting you to ask you to help us promote our products: (the name of the product you want to promote and a short description of it). If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

(Please include your contact info)

Kind Regards,


No matter if the master has filled in the contact information or not, he can send the merchant’s own contact information to the master through the “Invite” button, explain his brand information and cooperation intention in the dialog box, and view and manage himself on the “Invitation History” page. The invitation issued to build a relationship with the master.

The master who says yes to the invitation will reach out to you and try to work together.

【Special Note】

Merchants are told to sign up for a WhatsApp account and keep in touch with talents they’ve worked with in the past.

We just discussed how to connect with the store’s channel skills. Let the talent actively look for our stuff. That’s the most crucial aspect of “store group + talent.”

I think this is something that everyone who has made a TikTok master account knows about. When the store has opened under the expert’s authority, you can freely look at the items, choose the ones you want to buy, and hang them in your window. And there aren’t that many products here. To get the recommendation position, you need to be at the top of sales or organic traffic on every country site with an affiliate program that has opened.

The product pool is updated every day, and the standards are set based on how much competition there is that day, which is pretty much inseparable from how orders are placed. So, the core of the store group + expert game is making sure that your product sales have an absolute advantage and making SKUs that are popular.

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