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How to Open a Tiktok Shop

How to Open a Tiktok Shop


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Tiktok SHop Information needed

  • Business License from Mainland China or Hong Kong + Legal Person ID Card
  • Settlement tutorial
Tiktok Shop


Go to Tiktok Shop site

Fill out the basic details:

  • Number for a cell phone (you can freely choose the corresponding area code)
  • Mobile verification code
  • email address
  • E-mail verification code
  • password and confirm password
  • Check the agreement, including merchant service agreement and privacy agreement

Tiktok Shop

Step 2: Choose a subject and an invitation code, if you want to.

Please choose based on your business license and where the main office of your company is. The platform provides two options: Mainland China or Hong Kong, China

Depending on what you choose here, the [Qualification Certification] link will ask for a different kind of information.

Choose mainland China and send in qualifications for mainland

Choose Hong Kong, China, and send in your qualifications for Hong Kong.

Tiktok Shop

2.2 Invitation code optional

Normal check-in doesn’t need an invitation code, so choose “Normal check-in.”

(If it’s an invitation code, you’ll need to get in touch with the exclusive account manager to get the code, which will be sent to you by email.)

Step3-Qualification certification

(An example is a business license in mainland China.)

3.1 Qualifications of the Company

  • business license Name of the Company
  • Business license, unified social Xinyong code for the company
  • Registered address
  • registration date
  • How long a business license is valid

(At the moment, individual business licenses are also supported.)

  • Upload both sides of your ID photo.
  • Legal name of the business, fill in Chinese
  • The 18-digit legal representative ID number must match the ID number on the mainland.
  • The certificate is good until [date].
  • Upload ID picture, front and back
  • Enterprise legal person name, fill in Chinese
  • The 18-digit legal representative ID number must match the ID number on the mainland.
  • The certificate is valid until

3.3Experience with cross-border e-commerce platforms

At the moment, experience with e-commerce platforms is not required. Those who have qualifications that work across borders can click “More” to upload information about their qualifications. We only support Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, and Wish.

If you don’t have qualifications that work across borders, you can leave it blank.

Step4: Basic details

4.1 Information on the Store

  • Store name, fill in in English. At the moment, the platform doesn’t let you change the name of your store. Fill out the form carefully.
  • Main groups, choose up to 3
  • During the entry process, sellers from mainland China or Hong Kong can choose to fill one or two warehouses.
  • At least one of them must be filled out, but the Chinese mainland platform


In Hong Kong, China, there is only one warehouse and one shipping warehouse on the platform.

Note: If only one warehouse is filled in during check-in, go to “Merchant Background – Merchant Profile” to edit and add more.

If the first warehouse chooses the warehouse on the mainland, the second warehouse can only choose the warehouse in Hong Kong, and vice versa.

The Chinese warehouse has a cell phone number that starts with the area code +86.

The Hong Kong warehouse’s cell phone number starts with the area code +852.

After you’ve filled out everything, you can send it in for review.

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