YunExpress Logistics Service Provider

Found in 2014, YunExpress is one of the leading third-party logistics firms in China and has actually ended up being a leading logistics service provider of cross-border B2C business lines, supplying solutions for cross-border eCommerce sellers. Yunexpress gives worldwide logistics services and also has 4 major company parts, cross-border B2C business lines, FBA transfer, postal parcel, and worldwide reveal. More than 100 selections of logistics means can meet the requirements of various kinds and also ranges of cross-border e-commerce companies. We have actually won the depend on and also appreciation from our customers with stable time and affordable solutions.

Fulfillmen and YunExpress

As a Fulfillment company, Fulfillmen is just next to their facility. We provide two options to our customers:

  • Use Your own Yun’s Account
  • Use Fulfillmen Yun’s Account

If you have your own Yun’s account our IT team can help you to integrate with our Fulfillmen WMS-Your Store-YunExpress. We don’t charge you any shipping Fee. Since you will top up your Yun’s account by yourself. We only charge you about a $0.99 handling fee per order.

Use Fulfillmen YunExpress account. You just need to integrate with Fulfillmen WMS. We provide Service to you as an agent of YunExpress. but we will need to charge you 5% of the shipping fee base on Yun’s public price.

The Reason why You should use Fulfillmen

Our suggestion is to use our Yun’s account, although we will charge you 5% more than their price. Except the shipping rate is a little bit higher, we provide more add-on services, like pick and pack, end to end customer service LIVE daily with perfect English speaking and writing. One station payment solution for you, by using our Yun’s account you don’t need to pay money again to YunExpress, this might also save you some transition fees from the bank. Maybe about 1%-3% bank fee depends on a different bank.

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