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How to use the cross-border distribution platform to make overseas auto parts products?

How to use the cross-border distribution platform to make overseas auto parts products?


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Auto parts buyers and customers care about delivery speed since they need it right away. If their automobile breaks down and the merchandise takes 8–14 working days to arrive, they’ll be worried. How to proceed Out-of-country warehouse. For auto parts sellers, stocking and inventory turnover are crucial.
When independent car parts manufacturers operate and manage inventories, polarization occurs.
ShipFast speed, etc., are market advantages, but other business owners prefer to function with fewer inventory. Inventory must be managed scientifically and rationally.

There are a lot of SKUs in auto parts, and it’s hard enough to prepare the goods carefully without having to worry about stocking them overseas. In this category, this is also a very deep product moat. So, it’s hard for people who have never sold auto parts before to prepare their stock and marketing materials, and they don’t know what to sell. So, with the help of overseas supply chain platforms, it is easier to keep track of inventory.

When it comes to how auto parts stores manage their stock,

The warehouse turnover rate is what the bosses pay the most attention to. The number of times inventory is turned over is another name for the inventory turnover rate. The quality of the inventory turnover ratio shows how well the merchant manages his or her stock. It affects the merchant’s ability to pay short-term debts. The inventory occupancy level is lower and liquidity is stronger when the inventory turnover rate is higher. Make a business more money.

Many domestic cross-border auto part sales face inventory pressure, which limits scale.

Existing SKUs are killing it, and there’s no extra energy to grow into new categories. This has made enterprise growth difficult. Back to the inventory turnover days, if both companies are at 70 days but one has good liquidity, there aren’t many items in stock that haven’t been sold in more than a year. The other problem is that 20% of the inventory hasn’t been sold in more than a year, and there are a lot of parts that move slowly.

Could the value of the two stocks be the same?

The values of inventory are not the same. So, people who already sell auto parts across borders and want to add new categories or try new ones shouldn’t stock up on their own; instead, they should use overseas supply chain platforms. In particular, overseas supply chain platforms that have items in stock and can deliver from different warehouses, like the VioMall cross-border distribution platform, AutoZone, NAPA, advance autoparts, etc.

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