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5 Steps to Maximize Your YouTube Video Promotions

5 Steps to Maximize Your YouTube Video Promotions


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If you have a passion for creating videos, do you know that you can promote your store well through YouTube videos? We’re not talking about paid ads here; we’re talking about simply uploading your videos!

YouTube is one of the best and easiest way to promote your video ads (again, not the paid ads). The statistics would blow your mind away: 5 billion videos are watched each and every day! Even a new YouTuber would be easily seen and discovered with that rate!

So, if you have passion for videos, start creating videos for your products and promote them! Alternatively, if you have no skills but still want to capitalize all opportunities from YouTube, you can simply hire one who will do the videos for you.

But how should you build your channel? Here are the 5 steps to maximize your YouTube video promos:

1) Write relevant titles

People search through titles, so be sure the keywords for your products are added on videos. That’s really just simple. If you sell men’s wear for example, have the word “men’s wear” on the title. Basically, think of a word or words that you think customers will use in finding your products.

If you’re selling a trending product, such as the fidget spinner (obviously outdated today), then simply use “fidget spinner”. Don’t use your invented names like “The Spinner of Wind TOY!” Nobody knows “The Spinner of Wind” but everybody knows the “fidget spinner”.

You can use Google Trends to see which relevant keywords is searched more – yes, you can compare up to 5 keywords of your choice.

2) Upload hi-quality content

A lot of stores make the mistake of uploading ugly videos, thinking it’s just a promotion, anyway. So, they don’t get any sale.

You don’t need to have the latest video technology, but create videos that are clean and good enough to be watched.

If you’re passionate for videos, I believe you’ll be willing to do the best for each of your videos! If not, hire someone with at least considerable video-editing skills to do the task for you.

3) Upload regularly

You will not be discovered through your first video, but you will eventually be discovered after you uploaded a couple of videos. Regular upload is needed to establish your presence in YouTube.

4) Design your channel

Once you’ve uploaded a couple of videos, focus on designing your channel – I assume you have designed your channel after signing up.

This time, focus on really making it look clean and professional – unless you’ve done that before.

You don’t need to be a grand designer, but a decent banner photo, informative About Us and creating a very welcoming atmosphere for your store is a good start.

5) Establish relationships with your fans!

Ultimately, these fans are your customers. You’ll want them to keep coming back to you.

Encourage them to like, subscribe and share your videos. Make friends with them and even with other YouTube creators – you can get free promotion from them!

Ask your viewers what they would like to see next and simply give that. That’s also a way to know which they would like you to sell – free product research!


YouTube is a very great way to promote your store. If you are passionate on videos, you should take advantage of this very lucrative platform!

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