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Fulfillmen News: Fulfillmen Celebrated Its 4th Anniversary!

Fulfillmen News: Fulfillmen Celebrated Its 4th Anniversary!


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Dear valued customers and readers,

We are happy to announce that Fulfillmen just celebrated its (ordinal year) anniversary last May 2, 2020! Over the course of these years, Fulfillmen faced nuremous challenges – from hiring the best people and partnering with local courier lines to dealing with varying customs regulations of different countries. But all of those are made just to help you and your business grow!

As we celebrate our 4th anniversary, rest assured that Fulfillmen will not only keep its promise of serving you well, but we will also find ways on how to make our services better so that you can enjoy quality fulfillment, warehousing, logistics and shipping services!

If you want to know more about fulfillment services, please feel free to contact us at https://fulfillmen.com/contact-us/. You can also browse our Service page for more information. Here are some of our top services:

Oh, by the way, so how did we celebrate our 4th  anniversary? Here are some of the pictures of our  anniversary!

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