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What services does Amazon offer to sellers who use FBA?

What services does Amazon offer to sellers who use FBA?


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Amazon logistics new product warehousing discount plan for FBA for new product warehousing.

Amazon Logistics’s New Product Warehousing Discount Program is a charity that gives discounts on warehousing for new products. After sellers sign up for the program for free, new products can get 5-fold discounts on monthly storage fees, inventory removal fees, return processing fees, Amazon promotional advertising vouchers, and Amazon partnered carrier storage and transportation fee discounts for a limited time. This helps FBA sellers cut costs. With this program, both new and inexperienced sellers can try FBA at a low cost.

Basic information about the FBA New Product Warehousing Discount Program:

Through the FBA New Product Warehousing Discount Program, fees are lowered or waived for sellers of new products. This helps merchants use FBA to offer new products more readily, decreases testing costs, and provides more sales prospects.

After signing up, new FBA products that qualify for the program get free storage, advertising, removal, and return processing.

The program is live in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and the U.A.E.

Small and light products can get help from the FBA Small and Light Program.

FBA Small and Light is a way to ship products that are light, small, and cheap. FBA Small and Light is now available in France, Italy, and Spain. This makes global sales easier and cheaper. This makes it easier and cheaper to sell goods all over the world.

The FBA Remote Fulfillment Program is part of North American Logistics Solutions.

Amazon gives sellers solutions that work in North America, Europe, and other places around the world. You can choose the right local logistics solution based on how you want your business to grow.

Fourth, solutions for European logistics: Amazon’s European integration services

Amazon gives sellers solutions for Amazon Europe, such as Integration Europe (Pan-EU), European Fulfillment Networks (EFN), Multi-Country Inventory (MCI), and more.

Amazon’s FBA European integration service, officially branded “Pan-EU,” is a storage and delivery service for European sellers. Depending on how they want their firm to expand, sellers can keep their merchandise in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, or the Czech Republic. Sellers can let Amazon sell and store their products in additional places by registering for VAT numbers in more countries or regions or manually opening more storage countries. Your things will be closer to buyers, and you won’t spend extra to send them swiftly.

European Fulfillment Networks

European Fulfillment Networks (EFN) means that you can sell products on all Amazon sites in the European Union with just one seller account. With EFN, you can store products in any EU country or region, like the Amazon fulfillment centers in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, so that you can ship them to customers all over the EU.

Multi-Country Inventory

Multi-Country Inventory (Ma) is a way for FBA to handle inventory allocation for multiple countries in Europe. Through MCI, you can send inventory directly to Amazon fulfillment centers in any number of European countries. Amazon will store your products in the fulfillment center that is closest to buyers in that country.

Other: The FBA Subscribe & Save Program and the FBA Export Program

FBA Subscribe and Save

Subscribe & Save is a program for buyers that lets them buy products they use often over and over again. It is also a program for sellers that lets buyers buy products from eligible sellers, but sellers have to pay for repeat purchases of their products. Discounts are given by buyers. By taking part in this program, sellers can use lower prices to bring in more buyers, change their buying habits, bring together their target buyer groups, take up a fixed share of the market, and make stable long-term profits.

FBA Export Program

Amazon gives you the FBA Export Program to help you grow your business around the world. With this program, you can list your FBA products on Amazon or your own website and ship export orders to countries all over the world.

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