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How does Amazon Advertising work?

How does Amazon Advertising work?


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The problem of involution is getting worse, and it’s hard to boost sales just by getting more natural traffic. If Amazon sellers want to get more traffic and attention, they should try advertising.

We all agree that money needs to be spent on things that are new and innovative. Advertising money can’t be saved, but it can’t be used to waste water. How can we make advertising more effective?

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Explain why you are advertising.

Before advertisers can obtain the outcomes they want, they must know why. Most sellers advertise for the following three reasons.

One is to spread the word about new products and make them more well-known and popular.

The second is to get natural keywords to rank higher and make more products that sell well.

The third is to increase sales during big sales events like Prime Day, Black Friday, and the start of school.

Choose the type of ad and how it will be delivered.

Choose the type of ad

The manager of Mango will suggest a few common types of ads, and sellers can choose which ones to use and how to put them together based on their own needs.

  • On the first page of search results, a product promotion will link to the product page.
  • Brand promotion can show the brand logo, bespoke text, and up to three goods in search results.
  • Display advertising targets in two ways. “Product placement” aims to sell your product to consumers who are considering similar ones. “Browsing targeting” aims to attract sellers who’ve looked at sellers in the past 30 days to buy from you. Product page, but no orders.

Choose how the package will be sent.

There are two kinds of advertising on Amazon. One kind is automatic advertising, and the other is advertising that you do yourself.

Automatic advertising: Amazon’s system sets keywords and bids and then uses algorithms to automatically show products.

Automatic advertising is easy to set up, and the system can find long-tail keywords on its own. However, the bidding is too programmatic and not flexible enough, and it may show ads for search keywords that aren’t relevant, which is good for sellers with little experience.

Manual advertising means that sellers have to choose their own keywords and bids and show ads based on the keywords people use to find them.

Manual advertising is more flexible when it comes to bidding, and it’s easier to push ads to target customers, which increases the conversion rate. However, it takes more time to use and requires multiple manual adjustments, so it’s better for experienced and senior sellers.

Do a good job of analyzing advertising data

After putting up an ad, the seller should keep an eye on how it’s doing and check the total cost of advertising, the number of sales from the ad, the advertising cost-of-sale (ACOS), the number of clicks, and the conversion rate.

If the cost of advertising is high but the number of impressions, clicks, and conversions are low, this means that the advertising is not working well. The seller needs to change the bids and advertising mix at the right time and make sure that the keywords and listing are the best they can be. On the other hand, if the advertising works well, the seller might want to consider spending more.

Good Amazon advertising will play a role that no one expected. It can help sellers make more money and also change the way people think. As long as the money made from the ad is more than what it costs, the fee will be worth it.

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