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Choosing Seasonal Products

Choosing Seasonal Products


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Amazon sellers mainly do non-seasonal products, after all, the profits of such products will be more stable

But if you want high profits, you can’t let go of seasonal products

In fact, seasonal products are not difficult to make.

As long as you master the characteristics of the product and choose the right category, you can also sell well

How to choose seasonal products?

Amazon has its hot products every quarter, so it is very important for us to choose the products corresponding to the quarter.


For example, in spring, garden products are particularly popular and popular. If you want to make spring products, your focus should be on this aspect, rather than being caught by small things like Valentine’s Day.festival products divert resources and attention.


Not to mention summer products, children toy, swimming peripherals, beach series, etc. are particularly easy to sell. The threshold for this type of product is extremely low, and the purchase cost is very low, which is its advantage.

This also causes its flaws. Due to its benefits, many people will do it, therefore no one will get many orders and everyone may lower their prices and spiral. Many people will consider spoofing their opponents to raise order volume if there is more or less meat.

I recommend setting high standards for summer things like outdoor home sports, which will deter many merchants. Spoofing and traffic will be good. drop significantly.


Autumn is back-to-school season. If you’re selling back-to-school merchandise, don’t worry—orders will spike in autumn. Buy them this spring. You can market it, harvest a wave in autumn, and then calm down to sell your things normally.

Autumn brings Halloween and school. Halloween is autumn-winter. Halloween products are traditionally popular, so try to find ones with their own traffic. such as Reaper, pumpkin, bats, spiders, and other ancillary things. Unpopular products may sell well or not at all.


Winter products and Christmas products are particularly easy to sell, but its pitfall is that some products have a particularly high return rate, such as adult apparel Kind of, everyone must pay attention.

Points to note about seasonal products

01 Do a product review first

It is recommended that you put the link on the shelves, that is, before the official season of sale, start the sale one to two months in advance, lower the budget bid, and then make a few comments first, and then go to the normal sale when the season arrives. Help you compress a lot of time, don’t let the time for comments take up most of your limited order time for the season, this will greatly affect sales.

02 Burn the advertisement quickly

Except for the products in the fall school season, we can use funnel advertising to promote them normally. For other streams of products, it is recommended that you must find the right keywords, focus on a few keywords, and quickly burn up the ads.

Don’t pay too much attention to your category ranking and keyword ranking. The main reason is to sell out our inventory at low cost , so resources must be concentrated on a few keywords and focus on burning, and don’t spread it to dozens of keywords. Go above , so that every keyword can be stuck, but every keyword cannot be sold.

03 Don’t blindly replenish

For a wave of popular products , especially Halloween and Christmas products, don’t restock them. If they are sold out, they will be sold out. If you resume this year, you will prepare for next year. Don’t think it’s sold out, there are still a few days left and I’ll hurry upShip, There may be unsalable products due to various uncontrollable factors .

Well, with this seasonal productss selection guide, you can just try it out according to your actual situation! Or do you know any product selection skills, welcome to communicate with each other!

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