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Amazon’s Product Selection

Amazon’s Product Selection


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Product selection, after all, is inseparable from two platforms. The first is Amazon’s own shopping website, and the second is 1688.com. Because all buyer transactions and data, seller transactions and data are generated from these two platforms, so there is a general idea.

So, today I will talk about the selection methods of novices and veteran sellers from these two sections. Sellers with less than three years of experience are definitely enough. Take you away from introversion.

Amazon Product Selection

Amazon has integrated five lists for us, including the best-selling list, new product list, wish list, etc., which will not be listed here. And the only thing we’re going to take advantage of is the lists! The best-seller lists are all big sellers, because most of their products are not flattering because of the difference in operation methods and means. So we only look at the products that small sellers should look at. And where is the product space for small sellers?

1. New products in the best-seller list

.On the best-selling list of some categories, occasionally new products from Xiaomiao will rush up and enter the top 100. So we should pay attention to this product. How to pay attention to it:

(1) First check whether the product has novelty, novelty, and new functions; if it does, it means that the product conforms to the logic of explosion. If not, it means that it was pushed hard by a big sale.

(2) Next, analyze the seller behind this product. If the seller’s store address is in Shenzhen or abroad, and there are many store feedbacks, then click to open the store and go in to have a look. If the product chain is relatively simple, and there are many product reviews, it means that you are a big boss, then we can’t make this product, without a supply chain or no means to promote it. On the contrary, if the store behind this product is a new store, there are not many feedbacks, the address is other than Shenzhen, and the store products are relatively small, and the strength does not seem to be strong. So that means it’s a hit. The seller may have gotten lucky and hit the right item. Such products are placed in our research. We can hurry up and do it!

2. The best seller on the new product list

Since it can appear on the new product list, it means that the recent sales of this product are very good! In addition, it should be noted that you must look for products that appear repeatedly on the new product list! For example, if there is a new product, everyone has just put it on the shelves, and they are all on the list, which means that everyone is selling very well for this product! This is the style fed back by the market, and this is the hot style! A sales cycle that lasts a lot of time! Three points to note.

Repeated appearances are all on the shelves in the near future, ensuring sales!

The important thing is said three times~ Through the reference of these dimensions, it shows that this product is selling orders. It is the best time to enter the market at this time. Of course, if most of the listings on the list were launched half a year ago, then this product is no longer referenced. Just give up. Because the market flow is no longer easy to seize.

If there is a product that meets such characteristics in any category’s new product list, then record it in your selection list. This is what we have tested and is effective through most of our products, and it is also a law that many of our products have shown. It is a traffic model that can last for one or two years.

2. Product Selection from the 1688 platform (high-quality supplier selection method)

I have always had an idea that I want to make Chinese products or services abroad and lead Chinese sellers to the world. Then first of all, I have to help others, and helping others is also to achieve myself. This is also one of my original intentions. Please, everyone, give your inner self a chance. Dare to try. Having said that, except for the commodities that the big sellers connect with manufacturers offline, most of the other cross-border export commodities are inseparable from a platform, which is 1688. So no matter whether you place an order online on the 1688 platform, or you go offline to negotiate cooperation with the factory. This process is inseparable from one place, the manufacturer.

We must learn to maintain communication with these high-quality manufacturers and keep an eye on them. Remember, you will benefit a lot.

Tip 1

Bookmark their store and check back regularly for items.

Tip 2

Through Want Want or ask for other contact information, we have a good relationship with merchants. Note that you must deliberately exaggerate your own strength. For example, you are in the product development department of a certain large company;  The method of product selection, to put it bluntly, is to obtain information. Whoever catches the first wave first will make a lot of money first. Then when everyone enters the arena fiercely, you leave gracefully.

Of course, this is only part of the product selection, and the overall operation requires skills and methods to implement. selection, operation, logistics very link is important.

Where there is a market, there is profit. If you do not make money, it can only mean that you are not suitable or use the right method!

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