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Introduction to Product Listing

Introduction to Product Listing


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What is a Product Listing?

product listing

Product listing pages (Listings) are the greatest way for buyers to learn about Amazon products. It is made up of seven parts. A good listing (product details page) can help sellers sell more. Here is a full explanation of what the product details page is all about (Listing).

Listings are the key to increasing sales.

How a product is listed affects whether traffic becomes an order.The Listing page will eventually be in charge of adding new types of traffic. The listing is very important because it shows whether or not it can be turned into an order.

Listing is made up of seven parts.

product lisitng

The Amazon’s product detail page (Listing) shows all product details. It has seven important parts:

1. Title

That is, the product name is the name of the product that describes the product itself through the format of brand name + product name + product features/models and is easy for consumers to understand. Inside and outside of Amazon, the title is the most important search item.

2. Product points (Bullet Point)

Show buyers what’s important or unique about the product. Buyers use bullet points to understand what’s important about a product. You can write a “five-point description” with up to five product points.

3. Description of the product

The product description is a written explanation of the product that gives more information and details about it.

4. Item Picture

On the Amazon marketplace, each product needs at least one product image. “Main image” refers to the main picture of the product. The main product image appears in search results, browsing pages, and the product detail page. “Other image/Sub Image” is the name of the extra image. It should be supported by images showing the product from different angles, how it’s used, and other facts.

Phrases and words that describe a product. These are used to match products for sale with the search terms that buyers use to find products. Buyers search for items by typing in keywords that match the information that sellers give about the item (item name, description, etc.). The position of a product in a buyer’s search results is based on things like text match, item price, availability, selection, and sales history. You can get more people to see and buy your products by giving them relevant and complete information about them.

6. EBC/A+ page

Combining pictures and text to describe a product has the effect of making the product easier to sell. When pictures and descriptions of a product are used together, they can better show the product’s features, differences, and charm, which can help people decide to buy it.

7. Look at Node

The classification node usually refers to the leaf node, which is the last node for classifying products and is used when adding new products. Amazon shoppers can find products by using the search and browse functions. Buyers can make their search even more specific by choosing certain product categories and sub-categories as they browse.

Why Listings Are Important

The product detail page gives a detailed description of the product and is the only place where all product information can be seen. Since customers can’t touch the product in person, they can only learn about it from the product page. So, a good product page is the key to whether or not a customer will buy the product in the end.

Seller’s Point of View

From the seller’s point of view, first of all, the product page is a great way to share information about the product in a variety of ways and to show how it works and what it can do. A good product page can make the product more appealing, help buyers decide what to buy, and increase the rate of conversion. Also, a detailed page with correct information can help buyers make good decisions, cut down on after-sale complaints and return rates, and save sellers money on maintenance costs.

Buyer’s Point of View

From the buyer’s point of view, they can fully understand what the product is by looking at the product page. When you buy your favorite things, try to avoid getting things that aren’t right after the sale. This helps to avoid needless comparisons, questions, returns, complaints after the sale, etc., and makes the whole purchase logistics process easier, so buyers can shop in a calm, efficient, and pleasant way.

Amazon’s Point of View

From Amazon’s point of view: A standard and unified product page is a way to make sure that Amazon gives buyers accurate information about a product, and it is also a way to make sure that sellers are all on an even playing field. At the same time, it is what the Amazon brand stands for.

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