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How Independent Sites Can Reduce Bounce Rate

How Independent Sites Can Reduce Bounce Rate


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The bounce rate is one of the criteria for testing the shopping experience of consumers, and it is also an important node to measure the conversion of traffic in the independent website. The following are the solutions to the high bounce rate summarized by the editor. I hope it can help you.

Before solving the problem, we should first find out the root cause of the problem, and then analyze and solve it one by one. Therefore, we must first find out the reason for the high bounce rate of the independent station.

Reasons for the high bounce rate of independent sites

1. The page loading speed of the independent website is too slow

Few consumers can accept a webpage that loads too slowly.

2. Independent site navigation and shipping logistics

The independent site navigation bar is the signpost of the website, which determines the user’s browsing experience and the quality of the independent site layout.

3. The product information of the independent website is vague

Vague product descriptions that fail to engage users are also reasons for increased bounce rates. There is one more thing to note here. When users want to consult customer service, they may not be able to find the entrance.

4. There are spelling or grammatical errors on the standalone website

Sellers must carefully check the content of the webpage when laying out the independent website to avoid spelling or grammatical errors, which will also reduce consumers’ trust in the independent website, and they will think that the webpage they browse is not rigorous.

5. The independent site drainage is not accurate enough

Many consumers click on the independent website to quickly find the products they need. Once they find that the advertised products are different from their own needs, they may quit directly.

Tips to Fix High Bounce Rates

It is mainly used for customers to find the content or products they are interested in. It is recommended to place it in the most prominent position of the independent website. If you find that consumers are searching for the same page, you can create a link in an obvious position, so that consumers can click directly.

2. Abundant site information

Consumers can be divided into two categories, one is that after clicking on the website, they know exactly what products they need, and the other is that they don’t know exactly what they need, and they may buy whatever they see. The information of independent stations can be enriched as much as possible, providing consumers with sufficient choice space, prolonging their stay in independent stations, and also in order to do a good job in the next step of transformation.

There is also an interactive portal for customer service, which is helpful to solve the situation that users do not know what to do because they encounter problems, and increase the user’s stay time.

3. The style is in line with the target consumer group

Doing market research in advance is very important for independent websites. Sellers can understand the preferences of ideal target consumer groups through the research results, and then make corresponding website construction to localize independent websites.

4. Precise advertising placement

It is not suitable for independent stations to adopt the method of “spreading the net”. Although this is a good way to increase product exposure, it is not suitable for independent stations. Inaccurate users can easily increase the bounce rate. Therefore, when placing advertisements Have a clear understanding of your audience. What kind of product do they need? What are the requirements for the product? What keywords can impress them?

5. Improve page loading speed

We need to know that the server is the core of an independent website. Choosing a reliable server is the first step. If the server access speed is unstable, then no matter how much optimization you do, it will be useless. When you have a stable and reliable server, start trying to do the following optimizations:

  • Check the current speed of the website
  • Compress and optimize website content, such as images
  • Caching website content to the server in advance
  • Put JavaScript and CSS in external files, use asynchronous loading
  • Accelerate with CDN
  • Avoid using too many website plugins
  • Try to avoid web page jumps

6. Clear shopping process guidance

If the bounce rate is too high, it may also be that consumers do not know how to proceed to the next step. If there are only a few pictures that cannot be clicked on the independent website, and there is no room for further operation, how should consumers continue to stay?

In addition, sellers also need to set up a clear and clear icon in the independent site to give consumers actionable guidelines, so that consumers have the urge to understand more deeply, such as adding some call-to-action language, buttons like Shop Now, to guide consumers to conduct The next shopping activity, increasing the chance of conversion.

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