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How does the independent website ship?

How does the independent website ship?


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These are the different types of independent website shipping:

  1. Self-delivery within a country
  2. Dropshipping (no supply)
  3. A warehouse overseas
  4. 4. An online warehouse

1. Self-delivery

The delivery channel is not limited by the independent station itself, and the merchant has to find it on his own. logistics, In the background of the independent station, the company can set freight rates that make sense. At the moment, most independent station sellers do their own shipping from China. Most things that you ship yourself are small and light. The average price per customer unit is too high. Pick four big businesses. express delivery And EMS, the customer with the lowest price per unit will choose the e-mail treasure packet in advance.

Four major commercial express and postal series for independent website shipping

  1. UPS: Both America and Europe have their good points.
  2. FedEx: Europe and Southeast Asia have their good points, and the Middle East line is a good value.
  3. TNT: Western European countries are very good at getting things through customs.
  4. DHL’s ability to clear customs quickly and on time is very good, and it works well for Europe, West Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. The total price isn’t too expensive, and there are different prices for items that weigh more than 21kg.

The first weight + additional weight standard is used by four major express delivery companies. Take Four main express delivery businesses to employ first+additional weight. 0.5kg is the first weight, 20kg is the key value, and 21-70kg is the bulk pricing. Each extra kilogram will cost more. There will be monthly pricing variations, including the fuel cost. The goods’ length and width can’t exceed 120cm. Pay care if you go over or turn down the extra charge. Express mail: EMS is cheaper than commercial express and takes 7 working days. Prices vary. China Postpacket (China Post Air Mail): 15 business days, cheaper shipping, up to 2kg. China Post Air Parcel: 15 business days, 20-30 kg.

Independent Website shipping optimization suggestions:

a. It is recommended to add an estimated freight cost function to the website to make it easier for customers to ask questions and choose a shipping method. It is also suggested to add logistics tracking to make it easier for customers to ask about the shipping status.

b. When setting freight costs, you can give priority to setting up multiple logistics methods and mark the delivery time for purchase. Choose “home,” and make the user experience better. For example, you could offer a commercial express like DHL, which says delivery will take 2–7 days and has relatively high shipping costs. You could also offer EMS, which says delivery will take 15–20 days and has low or free shipping costs.

2. Dropshipping (no supply)

You can find suppliers on the platforms of the international station, 1688, and AliExpress. After an order comes in from an independent station, place an order on AliExpress and let the supplier send the item straight to the buyer.

3. A warehouse overseas

Only when the independent stations are selling well will they be sent to overseas warehouses. Large-scale products are better suited for overseas warehouses, and batches are sent by sea to foreign warehouses. Overseas warehouses make local sales, which can cut down on shipping time, cut down on logistics costs, speed up the return and exchange process, and make customers happier.

Not-so-good things about overseas warehouses:

a. Need to stock up, there’s a risk of having too much inventory and it will raise capital cycle costs
b. It’s hard to run multiple SKUs at the same time. c. It costs more to store inventory and run the business.
d. Changes in the policies of other countries will lead to certain Losses and troubles For new sellers, it’s best to focus on self-delivery at first, and if orders keep coming in, you might want to think about putting up warehouses overseas.

4. Virtual warehouse in another country

The virtual overseas warehouse warehousing mode is a middle ground between direct domestic delivery and delivery from an overseas warehouse. The virtual overseas warehouse has many benefits, such as low cost, low risk, no storage fee, flexible operation, etc. It can control how fast the whole process moves based on how fast the platform needs it to move. To put it simply, it’s to mark the local country for delivery. The actual delivery is from China, but the first track on the Internet shows the local country.

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