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How Amazon Operation Works

How Amazon Operation Works


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An Amazon operation works has to be in charge of the whole store, but it also has to be in charge of packing and shipping. As an operator at Amazon, operational work is both the hardest and the simplest, and it’s more important to plan out your daily tasks.

Amazon operation

How Amazon Operation Works

1. Answering of email

The email shall be answered within 24 hours, and after-sales records will be kept.

2. Check the health of the account and see if there is a small red flag performance notification.

Take care of performance problems quickly and keep the store safe every day.

3. Look at reviews from buyers

Call customer service to get rid of bad reviews, or talk to customers to solve problems.

It is imperative that immediate action be done in the event that there are ratings and comments that are lower than four stars.

First, find out why the buyer left a bad review, and talk to the customer as soon as possible;

After getting in touch with the customer through a comment or email, help the customer figure out what’s wrong;

4. Add pictures, titles, keywords, selling points, descriptions, and other information about your products.

You can say best-selling. We can’t charge too little. Based on the table, there is a guarantee of a 30% profit.

5. Check the amount of the order and figure out why it was placed.

6. Check to see if the item is normally for sale

7. Plan your inventory

Examine the numbers to determine what, if anything, needs to have more of it refilled. Plan your inventory and figure out the inventory turnover cycle to avoid running out of stock.

8. Check your Advertising

Keep an eye on advertising, download advertising reports at least once a week, and make sure advertising bidding and keywords are the best they can be.

9. Look at the ad and download the ad report so that you can analyze it.

It mostly depends on how well the ad group is doing, like if the budget is enough, if the budget for the new product has been spent, etc. The bids will be changed if the budget is not spent, and the budget is not spent enough. The budget will go up, so this must, of course, be in control of the budget.

10. Participate in seckill activities, coupons, vine plans, off-site activities (avoid superposition)

11. Talk to someone outside the station

Promote the product or get in touch with the evaluation company to send the test. The larger the order, the bigger the discount. If you do it outside of the site, it’s best not to, because the money you spend won’t help. The main goal of the evaluation is to boost sales and keep the number of product orders in the store stable. For buyers, it helps them understand the product better and in a more complete way.

12. Lightning Deals seckill activity

Check out the daily reportable activities and see what you can add. As long as there has been no loss and there is sufficient stock, reports of key products can be made. In most cases, you can state the bare minimum quantity of stock needed for the occasion.

13. An invitation to comment from backstage

14. Check the first, second, and third pages of key products every day to see if they have changed.

15. Get to know Amazon’s new market, pay attention to changes in policy, and try to do official things.

16. Pay attention to how competitors change, keep an eye on them, and watch BSR for similar reasons.

17. What to do with old products, such as price cuts, sales, coupons, disposal off-site, etc.

18. Get more resources and good amazon operation groups that aren’t on-site.

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