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A Guide to Amazon Promotions

A Guide to Amazon Promotions


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Promotion is a type of marketing that helps you sell more and make more people aware of your brand. You do this by making special offers on the products you sell to attract and convince people to buy them.

Amazon promotion

Advantages of Promotions

1. Help sales go up

There may be a big increase in sales of the items in the promotion, and some people may come to the store because of it. At the same time, the price will make potential customers want to shop, which will get them to place orders.

2. Improve building a brand and running and maintaining stores

Promotional activities are also a big part of building a brand and running a store. Using the right marketing tools at the right time can not only help sellers raise brand awareness and exposure, but it can also help stores run and maintain themselves better. For example, clearance sales can help stores ease the financial pressure that comes from having too much inventory.

How to make sales on Amazon?

In addition to the “buy button” you must have, we’ve put together the following tips to help you build better promotions:

  • Be familiar with and able to use a variety of marketing tools.
  • Know when the best time to sell is at each site and be ready for it. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the latest promotion notices and event information posted on Amazon Seller Central and take part in them.
  • You can also figure out the best way to promote the products you’re selling by putting together different promotional tools and high-sales times.
  • Lastly, you should know that you can’t enter the promotion with restricted items or items that are unpleasant, embarrassing, or otherwise not appropriate.

Some examples of products that don’t meet the requirements are:

  • books;
  • music;
  • video;
  • DVD (BMVD);
  • Alcohol

How to use promotions more effectively?

If you want to get better results, you need to choose the right tools based on how they will be used, come up with strategies, and work on your ASINs so that they can take part in high-exposure promotions like Deal activities, which will boost sales and raise brand awareness. . Choose the right tool for marketing to make a full portfolio promotion:

  1. Increases the chance that an ASIN will be recommended for high-level deal activities, like Treasures of Town Stores, and even high-level deal activities during busy times.
  2. Optimize price management by being clear about the cost and profit of goods, learning the rules for discounts for different promotions, and making plans for promotions.

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